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Will Ready or Not have PvP?

Will Ready or Not have PvP?
Will Ready or Not have PvP?

SWAT and tactics-focused games often place a greater emphasis on single player and/or PvE game modes. Because the tactics and coordination between players is a focal point of the genre’s design, it’s a little harder to set it up for a typical multiplayer deathmatch model, not to mention that it runs counter to the more realistic nature these games have. Even so, Ready or Not is a newer generation of these kinds of games, and new generations have new ideas. So, will Ready or Not have PvP?

Will Ready or Not have PvP?

As Ready or Not is still in Steam Early Access, the current stable build does not feature PvP functionality, just PvE. However, the game will receive full PvP functionality later down the line, and actually did have it previously during its Alpha build. However, the devs didn’t really like how it turned out in that build, so they’ve temporarily disabled it, and will return to it when the primary facets of the game are further along.

While PvP was running in the Alpha build, there were three game modes offered. Bear in mind that since PvP was temporarily shelved, these modes may be altered or removed entirely in the final version.

  • V.I.P. Escot: The SWAT cops need to bring a V.I.P. player from one end of the map to the other, while an enemy squad tries to slow them down or kidnap the V.I.P. If the V.I.P. doesn’t reach the goal before time runs out, the SWAT cops lose.
  • Arrest and Rescue: Both teams use non-lethal equipment to arrest opponents and place them in a holding cell. If one team is arrested completely, the other team wins, though it is possible to break arrested teammates out of jail.
  • Team Deathmatch: The bread and butter of PvP, both teams duke it out with no weapon restrictions. Every kill nets your team a point, though you can earn more points by taking down foes non-lethally and arresting them instead of just killing.

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