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How Many Players Is Ready or Not?

How Many Players Is Ready or Not?

I don’t know how many officers typically make up a SWAT squad. If you believe what you see in cartoons, you open up the back of a SWAT truck, and a limitless number of the guys start pouring out like clowns out of a tiny car. Obviously, we’re not doing that in Ready or Not, since this game prides itself on its adherence to realism, proper SWAT tactics included, but that still leaves the initial question: how many players is Ready or Not?

Ready or Not, in its current iteration of Early Access, can be played either single-player or multiplayer, though in either case, you’re joined by an entire squad of SWAT cops, either computer-controlled or player controlled. Currently, the maximum number of players a session of Ready or Not can accommodate is five, including the host player. 

How Many Players Is Ready or Not?

At its current stage of development, players can only play as the SWAT squad, and the SWAT squad caps out at five members. This is subject to change in the event the developers bring back their alpha build two-team multiplayer modes, though VOID still hasn’t clarified if and when they’re planning on doing that. 

According to SteamDB, the highest number of concurrent players on Ready or Not since its launch in Early Access is 19,621. Any player can play with up to four of any other player by hosting a session and either allowing public joining or directly inviting people on their Friends list. It should be restated that at its current developmental stage, Ready or Not can only be played multiplayer using an online connection. There’s no splitscreen, so you can’t have multiple people playing on one computer. Much like the alpha build multiplayer modes, VOID hasn’t clarified yet as to whether this will be implemented at some point.

Some players have been reporting a problem with inviting friends to their Ready or Not lobbies, both through Steam and through the game’s interface. The precise cause of this glitch hasn’t been identified yet, though VOID is aware of it and has stated that they’re currently working on a fix. In the meantime, Steam forum users have advised that, should a group of friends want to play Ready or Not together, the host player should boot up the game first, followed by the other players. For reasons unknown, this seems to be a consistent workaround for the inviting problem.

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