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All Hard Drive Locations in Ready or Not

Unveil a disturbing mystery.
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Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter game that is very popular and well-received, although it sometimes goes a little too far in terms of the content shown in the game. But well, the world is not necessarily rated E for everyone, so I can understand developers attempting to push the lines forward like no other game. Sometimes that is the only way to stand above the other games. Anyway, the missions in Ready or Not can be quite intense and graphic, and this one is not the exception. Here are all hard drive locations in Ready or Not, for the mission Valley of the Dolls.

All Hard Drive Locations in Ready or Not

The hard drive collecting is part of the Valley of the Dolls mission, located at the Voll Health House. It is said that this is in fact a trafficking ring location, so you will have to enter and recover further proof and evidence to shut down this horrible place. Here are all hard drive locations in Ready or Not.

  • Laptop: yes, I know a hard drive and a laptop are not the same thing, but this is an item you will need to collect in order to finish the mission. You will find it in the third story, near where your entry point is located. You will find a living room with a large TV on the wall (man, I wish I had one of those). There are two doors on your left, open the one farthest away from you. You will enter a big bedroom. Head to the center of the room and you will see the laptop on the corner of the bed.
  • First Hard Drive: the first hard drive is located in the second story of the building. Head back to the living room and then all the way back to where you entered. Head down the stairs and take the door on your left once you get to a living room. You will be taken to a foyer with a door in front and stairs on your right. Open the door in front of you to enter another living room and kill anyone that could be waiting inside. Open the door on the right to enter the office. You will find a computer desk. On the left side you will find the first hard drive.
  • Second Hard Drive: the second hard drive is located in the mansion’s secret basement. Things can never be this easy, right? Well, it is time to face some security guards. Head back to the foyer and head down the stairs you ignored before. You will now be at the first floor, finally. Go through the double doors that are there and head out to the backyard pool. Once there, head left and go around the corner. There is a wooden door alongside a security gate with a sign that says “NO ENTRY”. That means, we need to enter right now, of course. Reverse psychology at its best. Once inside, head down the stairs you find over there and “terminate” the guard at the bottom of the stairs. Breach and clear, and you will find yourself inside the rooms featuring the girls that have been in the trafficking ring. Heartbreaking really. Go forwards and you will arrive at a room with the image of a woman (the daughter) around the wall. The final hard drive is in the desk.

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Now that you have all the evidence necessary to bring down the human trafficking ring. Go ahead and leave the secret basement. Be sure to talk to your therapist because this is a very eerie and disturbing setting, and then prepare for the next mission. Good luck.

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