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Why is Cavani not in FIFA 21?

Why is Cavani not in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 has emerged as one of the best games in 2021. There are lots of new and inventive features in the latest installment of the FIFA franchise. It seems this year’s version is nearly perfect. That is until you notice that the game is without one of football’s greatest stars, Edinson Cavani. Edinson Cavani finished off his illustrious career in Paris, only to sign with another powerhouse club in need of a resurgent year, Manchester United. With such a high-profile player making such a high-profile signing, it makes you wonder, why is Cavani not in FIFA 21? 

Where is Cavani in FIFA 21? 

One of the first things that FIFA fanatics noticed is that one of the world’s most popular games is without one of the world’s most talented (and famous) players. While it is worth noting that Cavani has not been removed from ALL of FIFA 21’s game modes, he has still been vacant from a few major ones. 

For example, as of right now, he has no Ultimate Team card, and yet he’s available in standard kickoff and offline modes. Even if you were to start a career as a coach for Man U, Edinson Cavani would strangely enough not be on the squad. 

The reason is that Cavani’s contract with PSG was up in the summer of 2020. Therefore, the game was under development before Cavani had signed his deal with Manchester United. Hence, he is vacant from so many modes and a Free Agent when you first start in career mode. 

Even though Cavani was a free agent when FIFA21 was in the works, it still seems ludicrous that one of the world’s greatest athletes is a free agent and vacant from Ultimate Team. Hopefully, they will add a player with over 400 career goals to one of EA’s most popular gaming modes in FIFA Ultimate Team. But for now, only time will tell. 

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