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Whose Fate to Follow in Chained Echoes

Three paths, three experiences.
No Place for Happy Endings
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Upon defeating the Boss Row in Chained Echoes, your Clan will end up split. Here players are given the opportunity to follow the path of three different groups. You have the option to go with either Glenn & Lenne or Victor, Kylian & Robb or Sienna by herself. Whilst the objectives on where you must go depending on who you choose to join is the same. As the path begins with heading to White Rose Inn, your path to the destination is different depending on who you pick. Because of this, you are offered different experiences, battles and dialogue by completing this Quest through following one of the characters in your Clan. This is our guide on whose fate to follow in Chained Echoes.

Whose Fate Should You Follow?

Each path of ‘Crossing Mountains’ Quest results in a different Boss Fight at its end but all are relatively easy for you to complete. This is likely due to how small your team is now that you have been split from the Clan. But the main thing to note is that this choice does not particularly matter in the long run. Because as soon as you complete one of these paths, you need to do the other two to get your Clan back together where they belong. You can play these in whichever order you would like without it having any negative effect on yourself or your progress in the story. To reiterate, you must play through all three groups fate to progress the main Questline.

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The Differences Between Paths

In regard to the most entertaining fate to follow, we would have to recommend completing Sienna’s fate first. The beginning is similar to that of a Metal Gear Solid Game in which Sienna is Snake herself. You eventually head to Rockbottom, which is a new town for those just getting started with this game. Rockbottom is visited at a much later point in the game therefore you may wish to see this first to get used to the way it is run. With Glenn and Lenne, the path is really just a walk in the Woods, which for some could be boring. You cannot really take on fights similarly with Sienna as enemies will appear much stronger due to your smaller party.

Victor, Kylian and Robb’s fate takes place inside the Mines. With interesting battle mechanics consisting of battling inside the Chained Echoes Map. Because of its obvious differences in gameplay, this fate is placed above Glenn and Lenne. This path is the most interesting, with many Boss Fights and unique gameplay mechanics to hook you in. But because of these same reasons, it can feel more like indulging in minigames rather than the usual JRPG experience.

Final Thoughts

Sienna’s fate feels the most cohesive in terms of completing a Quest, with dialogue, other characters you meet along the way and various environments to explore. Because of this, we recommend playing through Sienna’s fate first, Victor’s second and Glenn’s last. Make sure to move the Class Emblems around as you play through the fates as this will help out your playthrough massively until you all meet up again.

We hope this guide was useful on which fate to follow in Chained Echoes. Remember that you have the chance to play through all three regardless of their order. For more guides on this JRPG, feel free to look at How to Get Every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes or How to Complete Leonar’s Temple Challenges in Chained Echoes. You can also follow us on Gamer Journalist at our Facebook page for all of our latest gaming content to fulfil your needs.

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