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What are Tech Points and How to Get More in Chained Echoes

With turn-based combat comes the use of HP and Skill Points
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With Chained Echoes being a JRPG, players are reintroduced to the standard turn-based combat seen in many other RPG entries. In every battle against the Unique Monsters of the Regions and its tough Bosses inside, players will have to strategically think about what moves to do and when. With every move used comes the depletion of the points to use it again. Alongside this, players must watch the Overdrive meter in battle to stay aware of how much damage they can give and take. This is our guide on the use of Tech Points and how to get more in Chained Echoes.

What are Tech Points?

Tech Points are a system in place to determine how much Magic you can use per battle. The point meter reduces with every move you choose in your turn. Like seen in all RPG battles, players must keep an eye on this mechanic as it will determine which moves can be done at certain times. Each move costs a different amount of TP, this appears next to the move you are choosing. Each character has their own TP meter which appears next to their HP bar. Whether you use a Skill or Attack move, the TP bar will drop down.

You want to pay close attention to the Overdrive meter in the top left. This will tell you how much damage you will deal per move. If you fall into the Red zone (Overheat) you will deal 100% damage however you will also receive an increased 25% damage from enemy moves. So players want to remain in the Yellow and Green zones during battles. Inside the Green zone (which is the best place to aim for in battle), characters receive 15% less damage from enemy moves. Not only this but, TP costs half of what it did, giving you the chance to use Attack and Skill moves more often to change the tide of the battle.

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Some Skills can be used to replenish TP during battle for specific members in your Clan. However, all moves will use Tech Points as this is the main mechanic of fighting. Best ways to stay inside the Green zone to use less TP is to strategically swap out Clan members mid fight, use the Ultra Moves at the correct time and utilizing the Defend mechanic.

How to Get More TP

TP is not something a player needs to focus on outside of Chained Echoes battles. As soon as you finish battling, Tech Points will natural replenish themselves, just like the character’s HP. This is a nice mechanic as you can go straight into the next battle without fear of losing a Clan member immediately into the first turn.

Depending on your Gear in battle will also determine how much TP you have available to use in battles. Gear changes are strategic moves into awarding players with different damage stats but sometimes at the cost of using more TP. Gear 0 allows characters to replenish their TP in battle, but should rarely be used as it opens you up to more attacks as you will not be able to use Skills. These include resetting the Overdrive meter, healing your members, paralyzing or inflicting sleep.

We hope this guide on what Tech Points are in Chained Echoes and how to get more was helpful. For more Chained Echoes content, feel free to look at How to Unlock God King Gaemdriel Boss Fight in Chained Echoes and How to Find Boustrous in Narslene Sewers in Chained Echoes. You can also follow us on Gamer Journalist’s Facebook for more Chained Echoes content or other guides/walkthroughs on other video game genres. Such as Call of Duty or One Piece Odyssey.

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