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How to Complete Leonar’s Temple Challenges in Chained Echoes

Become the Puzzle Lord
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In Chained Echoes, players have various ways to level up. One of which is the usage of Class Emblems. These can be used on members of your Clan to add new and unique skills which can be upgraded further once equipped. Resulting in permanently having these unique skills equipped as you max out your levels. There are a total of 12 Class Emblems, scattered throughout the Regions, hidden in Statues. However, 3 of these are located in Leonar’s Temple where players must complete a set of complex puzzles to be rewarded with the Pyromancer, Rune Knight and Gambler Class Emblems. This is our guide on how to complete these puzzles and gain the Class Emblems.

As these challenges are set up in three different temples, these will appear on your Map for you to travel to as you need to find 3 Stone Tablets through completing Leonar’s Temple. Refer to your Map and use the Air Ship to find the three Temples. Each Temple involves a sliding orb puzzle. The goal is to get the red orbs into the golden emblem. Only these puzzles only allow for the orbs to be moved in a straight line. Their movement will halt if they hit one of the stones in the arena. There are also cracked stones which the orb will break through if you sent it in that direction.

Pyromancer (North-West Temple)

Orb on the Left-hand Side

  1. Hit once to the left.
  2. Tap orb upwards.
  3. Hit orb to the right.
  4. Tap orb down, will break stone.
  5. Hit orb to the left.
  6. Tab orb up, will break stone.
  7. Then right, will break another stone.
  8. Go to central second orb and tap downwards (leave gap between both orbs).
  9. Send first orb downwards, following the second orb.
  10. Hit orb to the right.
  11. Then down.
  12. Send it left this time.
  13. Down again for the last time. Will now be in the emblem.

Orb in the Centre

  1. Push orb left.
  2. Then upwards.
  3. Hit orb to go right.
  4. Knock top, third orb downwards. Run past to the second orb.
  5. Hit orb downwards.
  6. Then left and finally down onto the emblem.

Orb at the Top

  1. Send left first.
  2. Then upwards.
  3. Hit to the right.
  4. Finally hit it down to go straight to the emblem.

Rune Knight (East Temple)

Orb in the Middle of the Three

  1. Send orb upwards twice, breaking one stone.
  2. Hit orb to the right.
  3. Then down.
  4. Leave it where it is for now.
  5. Move second orb to this one (see steps on the second orb).
  6. With second orb with the first, push the first orb down.
  7. Send it to the left. Then up and finally right so it is now on the left-side of the second orb.
  8. Leave this orb here for now.
  9. After Step 5 of the second orb, with it pushed out of the way, hit right into the emblem.

Orb on the Left-hand Side

  1. Push orb upwards.
  2. Then to the right where it will sit next to the first orb we moved.
  3. Go back to the first orb you moved (see Step 6 of first orb guide).
  4. Wait until orb three is in the emblem (see third orb guide below).
  5. Push this orb (now on the right of the two next to each other) upwards.
  6. At Step 6 this should be the only orb in the room. Send to the right.
  7. Hit downwards, then left.
  8. Send it upwards and finally to the right where it will go into the emblem.

Orb on the right

  1. Wait until orb one and two are next to each other (Step 7 of first orb guide).
  2. Push orb upwards so it is below the orb on the left.
  3. Hit to the right to go straight onto the emblem.

Gambler (West Temple)

Orb on the Top Left-hand Side

  1. Send orb to the right.
  2. Then downwards.
  3. Hit orb to the left.
  4. Downwards again.
  5. Finally send it to the right and leave it there for now.
  6. Complete second orb guide (below) before returning to this orb.
  7. Return to first orb and hit it upwards.
  8. Then finally to the right to go onto the emblem.

Orb on the Lower Left-hand Side

  1. Hit orb upwards.
  2. Then send it to the right.
  3. Push orb down and then to the right again so it hits the cracked stone and stops.
  4. Send it upwards and then to the left to break the stone over there.
  5. Push the orb to the right to go into the emblem. Return to first orb you pushed (Step 7).

That is our guide on how to complete the three Leonar’s Temple Puzzles in Chained Echoes. For more Chained Echoes guides, feel free to look at Where to Find Grimoire Shard in Chained Echoes and How to Get Every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes if you are interested in reading more. You could also follow us on Gamer Journalist’s Facebook to stay up to date on all of our latest gaming content.

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