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How to Get Every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes

A bond between Weapon and Soul
No Place for Happy Endings
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The many Rusty Weapons of Chained Echoes can be upgraded into an Ultimate form. To do this, you need to locate the Flying Smithy, a moving island which houses the great Vaehl, a blacksmith who is willing to transform your weaponry. However, not only do you need to locate the Rusty Weapons found in different Regions through exploration or purchase. But, you also need to find the Souls of Farnese which are infused with the Rusty Weapons to become its Ultimate form. This guide will show you where to find every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes so that you can upgrade.

All Souls of Farnese Locations in Chained Echoes

Hermit’s Isle

The first Soul of Farnese is found with Triony who is fishing on the wooden platforms near Magnolia’s House inside Farnsport. You need to recruit Triony to the Crimson Wings and then return to him on the western dock inside Hermit’s Isle after upgrading your Clan Base fully (gaining all Ranks through upgrades) to gain the Soul. Return to Hermit’s Isle and visit Triony who is at the small pier outside of the Isle Caves. When Triony says “Back to the waiting game” it means you need to fully upgrade the Base to Rank IV. Once done, the Gold Chest will appear as loot caught by Triony whilst fishing with the Soul inside.

The second Soul of Farnese is requires you to have the Hermit’s Isle Base fully upgraded (Rank IV). You can do this by recruiting members to the Crimson Wings. Head to Hermit Isle’s centre of the large dining room. Go left into the rocky tunnel and you will find the Soul inside the Gold Chest at the end here.

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Flower Fields of Perpetua

The first Soul of Farnese is located in the middle of the Perpetua Desert. Use the Sky Armor to locate the giant white ‘X‘ carved in the ground. You have to exit the Sky Armor and walk to the centre of the cross to pick up the Soul. The second Soul of Farnese in this Region is located in the south-west of the Fields. You need to find the Fungus stands to create a path of Mushroom platforms to get to the final floating Island which has the Gold Chest and Soul inside.

Arkant Archipelago

The first Soul of Farnese requires you to deactivate the 4 Cannons located around the Region to enter the Sky Armor in Arkant Archipelago. Head to the north-west part of the Region, on the cliffs next to the sea. The Soul is located inside the Gold Chest, 4 cliff layers upwards.

The second Soul of Farnese in Arkant Archipelago requires a fully upgraded Hermit Isle Base (Rank IV). Recruit members to the Crimson Wings to rank up. Alternatively, you can purchase a Diving Bell from the Merchant in the south-east of Ograne Grottos outside of Raminas Tower. You need the Elevator Key from Nhysa Academy to get into 8F of the Tower. This will lead out into Ograne Grottos in which you will find the Merchant just outside of the Baalrut Tunnels. Purchase the Diving Bell and then drop it into the Whirpool of Arkant Archipelago.

Both methods listed above will give you access to the Phior Village of L’yehr. Do a full sweep of the Village starting east and walking north into the house and through. Go all the way around to the south-east side of the Village. You will find a secret passage in the bundle of trees (looks like the edge of the map). Follow the passage around east first and then north, you will eventually come to a clearing with the Gold Chest with the Soul.

Kortara Mountain Range

The first Soul of Farnese is inside the Kortara Fortress where Norgant is located. However, you need to first complete the Side Quest ‘Two-Winged Angels‘ to get both the Rusty Katana and be able to purchase the Soul from Norgant. If you do not complete this Quest, the Soul will not be a part of his inventory for you to buy.

The second Soul of Farnese can be found at the beginning of the Side Quest ‘No Place for Happy Endings‘ where you need to check the Rymeier Castle rooftops for the Soul. You can get to this via the entrance on the left-side of the Castle. Find the ladder that taps you to the top of the Castle and then head east and circle around. There is a gap for you to drop down where you will find the Gold Chest on the right, on the edge of the mountain.

Baalrut Tunnels

Narslene Sewers

The first Soul of Farnese is found inside the Narslene Sewers. However, to access this part of the Sewers players need to get to the Baalrut Tunnels. This is required for both Souls in this area. To gain access to the Tunnels, players must first obtain the Elevator Key. This Key can be found at Nhysa Magic Academy, inside the far-left room in the Courtyard. You will also find the note for the Flying Smithy location here, which is crucial to pick up so that you can upgrade the Rusty Weapons with the Souls of Farnese. After you get the Elevator Key, head to Raminas Tower‘s Elevator Room and head to 1F. You need to fight your way through to 8F which will take you to a new area of Ograne Grottos.

Now that you have arrived here, go to the Baalrut Tunnels at the south-west from the Raminas Tower exit. To get to the Narslene Sewers, go south inside the Tunnels and you will find the Sewer entrance. To get to the Soul of Farnese inside the Sewers, players must locate the Water Handle needed for the empty Lever in the south side of the Sewers. The Water Handle is located at the south-west side of the Lever Puzzle at the bottom level of this area. Return to the empty Lever and use the Handle to switch the flow of the water so that you can head north. The Soul of Farnese is inside the Gold Chest next to the first Pipe room.

Rohlan Fields

The second Soul of Farnese in Ograne Grottos is inside Rohlan Fields. To get to Rohlan Fields via the Baalrut Tunnels, you need to head north and follow the path all the way around where you will fall down into the pitch-black area. Keep heading south-east until you find the dead-end which you can climb up, taking you to Rohlan Fields. The top of this will lead you straight to the Gold Chest with the second Soul of Farnese.


By completing the Side Quest ‘A Little Vacation’, you will obtain the Soul of Farnese upon defeating Fridolyn and speaking with him afterwards in the House. When the Quest ends, the Soul will be obtained as a reward. You can obtain this Quest by visiting the Wyrnshire Castle and speaking with the Merchant in the north-east alleyway. He will send you to Basil to begin the Quest. Follow the path set to you by the Airship Map.

Rewards Board

A last Soul of Farnese is obtained by completing a Chain of completed Objectives for 112 tiles. You can check your progress on the Board via the Main Menu Screen, under Journal and Reward Board. To build up a Chain on the Board, you need to complete the Objectives that are next to one another. These Objectives are unlocked as you enter new Regions. As you complete the Objectives, the slot glows and a Chain begins. The Chain can appear both horizontally and vertically so long as they are connected. You need a total of 112 tiles to gain the Soul of Farnese.


Those are the locations of every Soul of Farnese, making a total of 12. There is talks of a thirteenth Soul of Farnese which is given to players instead of being found through exploration. As there are a total of 12 Rusty Weapons to find, the Souls in the guide above can be located and used to infuse with the Weapons to make its Ultimate form. Perhaps this is here in case anything happens to one of your other Souls? Who knows. But if you follow the guide above you will locate every Soul of Farnese used to upgrade the Rusty Weapons in Chained Echoes.

Remember to find the Flying Smithy to upgrade the Weapons with the Souls of Farnese with the Blacksmith. You can get this location inside the Nhysa Magic Academy. You need to find the note with the location of the Flying Smithy inside the Academy room on the left side. It is the exact same room in which you will obtain the Elevator Key for the Raminas Tower.

We hope this guide on where to find all of the Souls of Farnese in Chained Echoes was useful in upgrading your Rusty Weapons. For more Chained Echoes content, feel free to look at either How to Unlock God King Gaemdriel Boss Fight in Chained Echoes or How to Find Boustrous in Narslene Sewers in Chained Echoes. You can also follow us on Gamer Journalist’s Facebook for more gaming content such as guides/walkthroughs/opinions and news. With Call of Duty, One Piece Odyssey and Escape from Tarkov, to name a few.

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