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Which Side Should you Choose in Contraband Police? Answered

Choosing sides is never easy.
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Every board patrol’s dream game, Contraband Police, brings the game’s atmosphere to a whole new level with its multiple-choice missions. Even though the game starts you off as a government employee trying to stop smuggling and crime around the border of a fictional Eastern Europe country in the 1980s, you can decide to betray that same government if you wish.

Let’s dive in and see what decisions you can make in-game and how they will affect the outcome of the game.

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Choosing a Side in Contraband Police Explained

There will be at least four big situations where you will need to decide whether you will stay a loyal officer of the law or whether you want to help the rebels. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make all of these choices for the same side. You can have some choices that will favor the government and others that will aid the rebel cause. One such choice is presented to you at the end of the Mysterious Murder mission which we covered.

As far as we could tell, the choices don’t affect the main gameplay in any major way. Some cutscenes will be different depending on your choices and the summary of all choices you made during the game will affect the game’s ending its cutscene.

Multiple-Choice Video Games Are Always Exciting

Overall, it is a great thing whenever we get games that let us make our own choices that actually affect the game’s story. It’s like those Choose your own adventure books are brought to life and allow you to direct the game the way you wish.

Although Contraband Police has only a first-level version of this experience it is nice to see that this trend is getting more and more popular among publishers. For instance, Telltale’s Walking Dead game has an atmosphere where characters’ lives depend on your choices so you could really immerse yourself in the whole experience. We just hope that there will be more multiple-ending games like this coming soon so more players can experience that personal level that a video game can bring.

We hope you found our article helpful. If you are wondering where all the hidden stashes are in Contraband Police, you can check out our article that gives detailed instructions with all locations. Get more exciting updates from the gaming world every day by following us on Facebook.

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