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Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder Guide

Solve the murder like a professional detective.
Contraband Police Murder Mystery Guide
Image via Crazy Rocks/PlayWay

Contraband Police is a perfect game for anyone who likes to play cat and mouse with various types of criminals, but above all smugglers. While the game revolves around catching smugglers, you will have a decent amount of shooting and resolving other crimes as well.

The Mysterious Murder mission is one that takes you away from your daily duties as a contraband police officer and puts you in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. Since there has been much confusion among players about how to successfully solve this quest, we decided to create a simple and comprehensive guide.

We will be revealing this mission step by step, leaving the bigger spoilers, like who the murderer is, for the ending. This way, you can just find a piece of information you need without seeing more than you would like to.

How to Solve Mysterious Murder in Contraband Police?

The Mysterious Murder mission will begin with you getting a phone call. The female dispatcher informs you that there has been a murder at the Drunken Bear Inn, after which you go into your car and go to the crime scene.

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Once on the crime scene, talk to the police officer standing in front of the inn. After he fills you in you will get submissions that tell you to interrogate the suspects, search the body and find the murder weapon. You can do this in whichever order you like, but we will show you what the most efficient way is.

Interrogating Suspects

Interrogating suspects in the Mysterious Murder quest means that you need to interact with everyone in the Drunken Bear Inn. Talk to Timur Korchenko, Jegor Sahayev, Vasil Morin, the bartender, Nikita Petroski, and the cleaner. Everyone will be in the inn, while the cleaner will be in the kitchen.

Investigating the Body

You should know that when you reach this stage of the mission where you go and search the body, you will find the murder weapon as well soon after. The first thing you do is go behind the inn and find the body and the police officer that is inspecting it. Talk to the police officer, search the body, and take the watch you find.

Now, turn on your UV lamp and you will see footprints around the body that lead away from it. Follow the footprints through the grass and the trees until you find their end and the murder weapon – the kitchen knife.

Now, go back to the officer in front of the inn and the dialogue options that pop up, select the one where you tell him that you wish to release the bartender and Petroski.

Second Round of Interrogation

Now that you have eliminated two of the suspects, your mission log will say “Locate the venue in the garden area”. This means you should look for a small wooden canopy with a table underneath it. There will be booze and food on it and there isn’t any particular thing you need to pick up there. Just wander around a bit and your mission will load a new task – interrogate the suspects (again).

Interview everyone in the Drunken Bear Inn again, and then talk to the officer in front of the bar. Tell him to release Sahayev and Morin now, and he will notify you that they have managed to open the warehouse and you can search around it.

Catching the Murderer

Spoiler-free ending: When you search the warehouse, you will find a letter on the ground which is a confession from the murderer. Once you read the letter you confront the murderer with it and they will admit what they did. You will then be faced with two choices.

Ending with spoilers: Searching the warehouse will result in your finding a confession letter from Timur Korchenko. It’s a letter from him to his commander saying that he found out that Oleg Bogdanov (the victim) is a snitch and that he will die. When you face Timur with this information he confesses and you are left to choose whether you would like to stay loyal to your government or start helping the rebels.

We hope you enjoyed our guide. If you are a big fan of murder mysteries check out our article recommending 8 of the best mobile murder mystery games. For more daily information about trending games, follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook.

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