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Where to Get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark

Learn where to get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark so you can upgrade your ship
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When you reach the endgame in Lost Ark, you’ll sail around the various islands, complete quests, and discover new adventures. You’ll need an excellent ship to reach far-off lands without breaking down. Luckily, any ship can be upgraded to meet these requirements. To upgrade a ship, you’ll need unique materials called Ship Parts, one of which is the Normal Ship Parts material. This guide will show you where to get Normal Ship Parts in Lost Ark.

Where to Get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark

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To get normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark, you must find the Processor NPC in all major cities, such as Luterra Castle or Vern Castle, and craft them there using basic resources.

When you find Processor NPCs, you can use the Uncommon, Normal, Epic, and Rare versions of Ship Parts on the Part Materials tab. You must spend various resources from Trade Skills to get the Ship Parts materials.

There is a processor in Western Vern Castle, near the Business District, and in eastern Luterra Castle by the Harmony Plaza. Speak with the processor NPC, and navigate to the Part Materials section near the bottom of the menu. Using the required materials, this is where you can start crafting the Ship Parts Material.

Remember that the Processor NPCs are indicated as a swirling yin-and-yang icon on the minimap and Worldmap. Another way to get Normal Ship Parts Materials is to get them at Auction Houses or buy them from Merchants near ports.

Normal Ship Parts Material requires 16 Timber, 16 Iron Ore, and 10 Gold per bundle of 15. Both materials are commonly found using basic Life Skills of mining and chopping wood. You will also need 10 Gold for each Ship Parts Material. As you can see, the costs are pretty steep, so spend your resources wisely and only craft what you need.

If you have trouble finding a Processor NPC, you can pull up your map with the “M” key and type in [Processor] into the search bar. The map will highlight the NPC for you, and you can visit the location. This process is the same for other Ship Parts Materials in Lost Ark, including Normal, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic! Of course, as you upgrade your ship, you will need more high-quality materials to make your ship formidable.

Now you know where to get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark so that you can upgrade your ship! We hope you have enjoyed our guide on getting Normal Ship Parts in Lost Ark. For more content related to the game, check out our guides on How to Get Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark and How to Unlock More Ships Lost Ark.

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