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How to Get Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark

Row your boat.
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Oh yes, exploration. Being an RPG and Adventure genre fanatic, exploration fulfills my need for perfection and completion. Exploring the vast world of Lost Ark is necessary to get treasure, loot and to face the hardest bosses and raids in the game. And to do this, sailing is the way we get to travel the land. And in order to survive the world of Lost Ark, your ship needs to be kept upgraded constantly. For that, you will need 3 things. Timber, ship parts and, of course, ship blueprints. Today, I will show you how to get ship blueprints in Lost Ark. Sail on!

How to Get Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark

In order to get the necessary blueprints to keep upgrading your ship, there are three ways you can undertake such a task: purchasing them from traveling merchant ships; purchasing them from trade merchants in your stronghold; and, obtaining blueprints from events. I’ll talk about each option now.

Purchasing from Traveling Merchant Ships

When you travel to each island on Lost Ark, you will notice there is a port or dock on each one of them. Various ship will be there, including traveling merchant ships. Each merchant differs from each other and from each island they are located, but most of them can sell you ship blueprints. Just get close to them, press G and access the Upgrades menu. They will sell you blueprints in exchange for Gienah’s coins.

Purchasing from Trade Merchants in your Stronghold

In your own stronghold, you will get visiting merchants every day. Some of them will even sell ship blueprints. Some merchants that will always guarantee a ship blueprints sale are: Duekhyeon, Illayne, Rami, Tago, and Flarke. Trade merchants will sell you blueprints in exchange for Seals.

Obtaining Blueprints from Events

From time to time, in-game events will take place throughout Lost Ark are only available for a limited and special time. Challenges, tasks, even logging in for straight days can secure you some ship blueprints. However, since these events are not that frequent, I will strongly recommend following the two previous options, they are easier to get and far more common to encounter.

With that being said, keep upgrading your magnificent ship and keep exploring the lands of Lost Ark. Happy sailing!

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