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How to Mine in Lost Ark — Mining Guide

Learn how to level up the mining life skill with our Lost Ark mining guide
Lost Ark Mining Guide

In Lost Ark, the (figurative) name of the game is resource collection. It’s an important factor in upgrading your stronghold and making items that can be used later. As you proceed through the campaign, you’ll need plenty of Iron, Timber, Shards, Leap Stones, and more to complete certain aspects of the game. It’s in that sentiment that we’re here with a helpful guide to mining in Lost Ark!

If you’re having trouble getting your hands on items such as Iron Ore and Heavy Iron, look no further! In this guide, we will strive to provide you, the player, with several solid routes that you can use to stock up! And, once you’ve got enough to work with, you can use the lab at your stronghold to turn these items into upgrades for your base and your character! Here are five areas we’d recommend for leveling up your mining stat in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark Mining Guide

Aside from the occasional nodes you come across while leveling, some areas are dense resource-heavy regions that can net you a lot of Iron and other metals. Here are the best spots to level up your mining Life Skill starting from level one:

  • Lakebar (Lv. 20)
  • Meteora Island (Lv. 250)
  • Alteisen (Lv. 302)
  • Lullaby Island (Lv. 250)
  • Orvis Island (Lv. 802)
  • Platinum Fields (Requires Crafting License)

If you are new to Lost Ark, remember to open up your map and search for these individual islands while zoomed out. The location will blink, and you can set an autoroute to sail directly to them.


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We’ll start with the easiest place to level mining in Lost Ark. Lakebar is a beginning zone in West Luterra. The northern triport has a dense area of eight Copper nodes that you can mine to completion, then switch layers. Rinse and repeat. Seriously, give it a shot, just pop a Leap’s Essence and get to swinging that pickaxe. You may want to bring a few backup pickaxes for durability purposes.

Meteora Island

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Next up is a 250 item level spot called Meteora. The area contains fallen meteorite fragments and no enemies to worry about interrupting your mining. There are about a dozen copper nodes here that you can comfortably farm with up to two people. It’s a popular spot, though, so you may need to hop between layers to find one with fewer players.


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The next area you can go to is Alteisen. Unlike Meteora, there are some mobs you’ll need to eliminate every so often. You can enjoy a bit of mining here and complete the short quest chain for extra resources and experience if you haven’t done so already.

Lullaby Island

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Lullaby Island is another good spot for mining, logging, foraging, and hunting. Since we’re focusing on mining, there are a lot of copper nodes around this area where you can get some iron. There will likely be a bunch of other players here doing the recurring quest, but that means you can hop layers and farm resources to your heart’s content.

Orvis Island

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Orvis Island is a location you can visit at around item level 802. There are mobs here you’ll need to wipe out, but you’ll also find lots of Iron Ore nodes if you need some Iron or Heavy Iron Ore for Stronghold upgrades. 

Platinum Fields

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Lastly, Platinum Fields is the holy grail for resources, but you need a Crafting License to gain access. You can find the Platinum Fields icon on the map in any major city, like Vern Castle. Crafting Licenses drop randomly through harvesting materials, so it’s not exactly something you can rely on consistently. However, once you get a license, this is a great spot to farm any type of resource imaginable.

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