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Where to find oil in New World

Where to find oil in New World

A common question people have in New World is where to find oil. It’s a resource required in some early level crafting items within tier two and three. Not every area has oil, though, so you will need to know where to look. Here’s where to find oil in New World.

Where to find oil in New World

You can get oil from Seeping Stone in New World. Seeping Stones are in specific areas of the world, and it can be hard to notice the nodes unless you can track them. There are a few requirements before you can mine for oil:

  • Required: Mining skill of 20
  • Optional: 45 skill for tracking on your compass

Harvesting Seeping Stone nets oil, but first, you will need to make sure you have a mining skill of at least twenty. There are many oil nodes throughout the world, but a good one we know of is in Weaver’s Fen in Pestilence. Another promising area is northwest of First Light Hamlet, near the words Light’s Crown and Elafry Pyrgo on the map.

Seeping Stones spawn in groups of two or three, so you should be a decent amount of oil from a single node. You can use a green pickaxe with a mining yield trait for better efficiency. Typically, Seeping Stones spawn in Marsh areas. You can see this by pressing M to pull up your map and navigating to the Resource Location tab.

The mobs in oil node areas are typically around level 20 to 30. For that reason, we do not recommend venturing out alone at a low level to find oil. You can get lucky and not attract any danger, but it’s always a risk. I hope this helps you figure out where to find oil in New World.

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