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Where to find Linen in Ghost of Tsushima

Where to find Linen in Ghost of Tsushima

There are a few different resources or materials you need to upgrade items in Ghost of Tsushima. These materials are obtainable in a variety of different ways. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain Linen in Ghost of Tsushima, an essential resource for early game upgrades.

Where to find Linen in Ghost of Tsushima

Linen is available from tales or side missions in Ghost of Tsushima. It is one of the easier resources to find at the start of the game. Early on in the game, two side quests give 10 Linen each. The two quests you will want to complete first in the game for Linen are:

  • A Place To Call Home
  • The Other Side of Honor

Once you get ten Linen from one of these quests, you can upgrade your Traveler’s Attire. The fog clearing outfit is in the Ogawa Dojo from the merchant who shows up after you clear the area. Upgrading the outfit to level three requires twenty additional Linen, which you will accumulate after a couple more quests.

While you are doing these missions and other small activities, look for supplies inside of homes and on the ground. You will come across things like Iron that come in handy throughout the game. Charms also unlock from completing these two quests listed above.

First, the Charm of Well-Being is a minor utility charm that allows you to receive an additional 7.5% of health when healing. The second is a Charm of Shadows, which makes enemies have a more difficult time detecting you. It reduces enemy detection speed by 10%. 

Nearby the “A Place To Call Home” quest, you will also come across a shrine. Climbing to the top of it unlocks a Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi, a melee charm to deal extra damage while at 50% health or less.

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