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Singing Cricket Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Singing Cricket Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Playing the flute in Ghost of Tsushima allows you to influence the weather to your advantage. There are a few different songs you can play on your flute, which unlock through finding Singing Crickets through the world. In this guide, we’ll show you all of the Singing Cricket locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

Playing the flute can be done by going into your gear menu and going to your accessories. Select the flute and choose from one of the songs you have available. Hit left on your touchpad to play the song, and the weather will change depending on which one you pick. 

Singing Cricket Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are a total of 20 singing crickets throughout the Ghost of Tsushima. Four different songs can be unlocked, each for a specific weather condition. The four songs are:

  • The Sun’s Warm Embrace – Sunny
  • Chorus of Raindrops – Rain
  • Lament of the Storm – Stormy
  • Shadows in the Fog – Foggy

Players can find the singing crickets throughout Izuhara, Toyotama, and Kamiagata. 

Izuhara Singing Cricket Locations

  1. Found at the cemetery north of the village
  2. East of the Golden Forest camp at the Ariake cemetery
  3. Directly east of Exile’s Bluff
  4. East of the river village
  5. Found at the Tsuzudama cemetery south of the river
  6. Under Wanderer’s Pass at the cemetery
  7. Next to Wolf Cub Falls
  8. North of Kukai Falls
  9. Bamboo Forest near Hiyoshi Inn
  10. Golden Forest by the Lake Izuhara
Izuhara Singing Crickets | Ghost of Tsushima

Toyotama Singing Cricket Locations

  1. Cemetery by Old Clan’s Hill
  2. Peninsula by Urashima’s Village
  3. Cemetery in the forest north of Omi Lake
  4. Found at the Serene Forest near the river
  5. Found in the Shimura cemetery
  6. Cemetery at Old Toyotama Hills
  7. Cemetery at Fort Koyasan, south of the Castle
Toyotama Singing Crickets | Ghost of Tsushima

Kamiagata Singing Cricket Locations

  1. Top of Guardian’s Ridge, to the west of the village
  2. Directly north of the Jogaku Temple
  3. Cemetary North of Mount Jogaku
Kamiagata Singing Crickets | Ghost of Tsushima

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