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Where to Find Idol of the Faithful in Diablo 4

Finding Idol of the Faith will require some wandering.
Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

Soon after stepping in Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith in Diablo 4 you will find yourself in a mission called Pilgrimage. To complete the mission you will need to carry the Idol from one location (Altars) to another while fighting enemies in between.

Hop into our article and find out the exact location of Idol of the Faithful in Diablo 4.

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The Idol of the Faithful Location Diablo 4

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

If you want to find the Idol of the Faithful you need to head west to the Seat of the Heavens. Once there head northwest to a small cove marked on the map above. There you will find the Altar of Purity and listen to the Sinner Tablet that will give you the Idol of the Faithful.

As we mentioned you will need to carry the Idol of the Faithful to a couple of shrine locations. If you die while you have it, the Idol will just drop where you died so upon revival you just need to go back to that location instead of the starting one. When you complete the journey and visit all the Altars the Idol of the Faithful will be cleansed from the curse.

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