Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide
Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide

Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide

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Are you looking for Grounded Crafting Recipes? Obsidian Entertainment’s survival game, Grounded, is now in early access for PC and Xbox One. In this game, players can explore the world by themselves or with friends. You will find various types of resources, enemies, and other exciting things on your journeys. The crafting system is relatively in-depth for a survival game, with multiple tiers of crafting items.

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There are a few different types of items to craft, including workbench gear, tools, consumables, storage, and much more. In this guide, we gathered a list of everything you can craft to build your base. Keep in mind, lots of these items may require some materials you haven’t found yet. We have a column for “recipe location,” which means how you can unlock the recipe to start crafting it.

Grounded Base Building Recipes

Here’s a list of every base building recipe so far in Grounded:

DoorGrass Plank x3
Sprig x1
Weed Stem x1
Woven Fiber x1
FloorGrass Plank x4
PalisadeWeed Stem x3
Woven Fiber x2
Palisade GateWeed Stem x4
Woven Fiber x4
RoofClover Leaf x4
Weed Stem x1
Roof CornerClover Leaf x4
Weed Stem x1
Roof Interior CornerClover Leaf x4
Weed Stem x1
ScaffoldWeed Stem x2
StairsGrass Plank x4
Weed Stem x1
Stem WallWeed Stem x3
Sturdy DoorSprig x2
Weed Stem x3
Woven Fiber x4
Sturdy WallGrass Plank x4
Weed Stem x1
Triangle FloorGrass Plank x2
Triangle ScaffoldWeed Stem x1
Triangle WallGrass Plank x2
WallGrass Plank x4
Windowed Stem WallWeed Stem x2
Windowed Sturdy WallGrass Plank x3
Weed Stem x3
Windowed WallGrass Plank x3
Weed Stem x1

You may notice some recipes require Weed Stems and other items. You can find these by chopping down Dandelion stems. Make sure to analyze everything you come across on the computer. That means also scanning in the items you create from recipes, as they can lead to higher tier items.

How to Unlock Stairs in Grounded

Unlocking floors in Grounded requires finishing up some quests. When you get to the spot where you have to check out the Oak Tree, you will unlock the Oak Lab and come across a robot called BURG.L. That’s where you can get quests and earn some Raw Science points and learn new recipes. Pick up any research cards you see around and trade them in for some Raw Science. Unlock Multi-Story bases from BURG.L’s Tech Chip Swap Shop to get the floors recipe.

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