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Where to find Charcoal in New World

Where to find Charcoal in New World

New World has an elaborate crafting system with dozens of different materials to harvest, mine, and collect. A few of the recipes at the start of the game require charcoal, linen, and oil. If you haven’t explored the world yet, you may be wondering where to get some of the resources. Here’s where to find Charcoal in New World.

Where to find Charcoal in New World

You can make charcoal in New World the same way you do in real life: burning wood. Make yourself a chopping axe and head into the wilderness. Chop down a few trees and collect yourself some wood. Head back to the settlement and find the smelter. 

When you’re at the smelter, look for the charcoal icon on the left side of the screen. Each piece of charcoal requires three wood to craft. You will also need a tier two smelter to make charcoal, which many settlements already have available. 

where to find charcoal in new world

To recap, you first need to chop down some trees and collect wood. Take the wood to at least a tier two smelter, and craft one charcoal for every three pieces of wood. Hit the craft button and enjoy your newly crafted material. 

Charcoal is one of the requirements to make Gunpowder, a prerequisite for bullets. I hope this guide helps you out, and you now understand where to find charcoal in New World!

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