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Where to find a Witch’s Broom in Fortnite

Where to find a Witch's Broom in Fortnite

For this year’s Fortnitemares event, there are a total of nine challenges. You can refer to our Fortnitemares Challenges Guide for a complete walkthrough of each of them. Doing these challenges is a great way to earn some bonus Battle Pass experience and some seasonal Halloween-themed cosmetics. 

In this post, we’re going to focus on where to find a Witch’s Broom in Fortnite. This task is part of the challenge to travel one hundred meters on a Witch’s Broom. Let’s dive right into it and explain what you need to know.

Where to find a Witch’s Broom in Fortnite

You can find a Witch’s Broom inside of barrels located outside of Witch’s Huts. Similar to the fishing rod barrels, interact with it to get the item to drop. You will see it’s a Mythic item that grants you the ability to fly and glide through the air. 

To make the broom launch you into the sky, right-click. You need to travel a total of one hundred meters, so we recommend doing this on top of a mountain or incline. After launching into the air, you can glide wherever you want. When you land, you cannot activate the broom again for about twenty seconds. 

There are Witch’s Huts scattered throughout the entire map. You can refer to the image below for a few example locations. In short, look for a spooky wooden shack near any point of interest. Outside, you should see a cauldron and a barrel with the witch’s broom. 

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