Where is the Secret Loot Cave in Fortnite?

Secret chests won't be secret for much longer!
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As soon as you make that drop on the Fortnite island, you want to grab as many goodies as physically possible without fighting anyone for them. However, that’s not possible in the popular looting spots since everybody knows about them.

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However, the island hides quite a few secrets, and a Secret Cave with as many as 9 chests and plenty of other loot recently caught our eye. Keep reading to find this secret cave and get an upper hand as soon as you enter your favorite Battle Royale match.

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How to Find the Secret Cave with 9 Chests in Fortnite Chapter 5?

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Map Genie

As you can see in the image above, the secret cave is located in the easternmost part of the map, right below the Grand Glacier. When you approach the marked location, you will see a large bay and, in the middle of it, a low-ceiling cave entrance.

As soon as you walk in, you will see 3 chests to your right and some other loot on the ground. Pick up what you need and continue forward until you reach a narrow and low corridor. Crouch here and open up the chest that you see in the middle of the corridor. Once you’re done with it, destroy it so you can move on.

You will find yourself in a bigger cave room again, where you will find some chests in water and some on the ground. Proceed to loot them and move on through another narrow passageway. Now, you will end up in what appears to be a dead end, but it’s not.

Hit the rock wall in front of you (nothing too hard; it only has 900 HP), and once you’ve destroyed it, you should swim forward to a big area out in the open that has even more loot for you. Once you clear those chests out, you should be well-equipped and ready for battle!

We hope you find great gear in 9 secret chests! Read more about Fortnite in our articles: How to Get All Rocket League Cars in Fortnite? and Best Hiding Spots on Fortnite OG Map.

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