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Where is Murphy in Lies Of P? – Location Guide

A sad tale about friendship
Lies of P Scrapped Watchman
Image via Neowiz Games/ Round 8 Studio

Lies of P houses a ton of secrets, especially regarding each Boss you meet across your playthrough. Whilst some are more obvious than others such as the Survivor (Optional Boss) who is clearly after revenge against his brother Leo who was murdered by puppets, others leave you in the dark about their identity and purpose. With subtitles that are impossible to read, these have been translated time and time again to reveal secrets about each boss’s identity. One of these is regarding Toma’s friend – Murphy. If you are trying to complete Toma’s Request or are wondering exactly who Murphy is in the grand scheme of things, then this is Vincent’s guide on where to find Murphy in Lies of P.

How to Complete Toma’s Request in Lies of P?

Toma’s Request is asking you to find his friend Murphy, who used to play with him and his friends often before the Petrification Disease hit. Now that he is suffering from the same disease, pent up inside from quarantine as the puppets roam the streets, Murphy remains lost out on the Boulevard.

If you are searching for him as per Toma’s Request you need to head to the Scrapped Watchman Boss Fight in Krat City Hall. After defeating this Boss, head over to the Bench marked with ‘Friends‘ inside the Courtyard to pick up the Faded Whistle. Return to the Inside the House Stargazer and play the Whistle to Toma which will complete his request.

First of all, we need to get this out of the way as players may have noticed that their Toma Request is bugged. Either Toma himself cannot be found inside Elysion Boulevard, or the Faded Whistle does not spawn into their playthrough. The primary reason for this is that you must get Toma’s Request before you take on the Scrapped Watchman. If you beat the Scrapped Watchman first, Toma will not appear at the window. A main way of recognizing if Toma is an active NPC in the game is to note whether you can hear him coughing as you approach the lit window.

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Who is Murphy?

Every Boss you face in Lies of P represents a citizen of Krat who has forever been transformed. Murphy, in this case, was the Police Officer who played with Toma and his friends before the disease spread across the city of Krat. Memories of Murphy remained inside the Courtyard where you faced off against the Scrapped Watchman.

The Friends Bench and Faded Whistle are part of Murphy, who held these as sentimental items. Why were these items in this Courtyard? Because the Scrapped Watchman is Murphy. Transformed, he became the Scrapped Watchman, but kept close the memories of his friends, being the only human part of him that remained.

More proof of Murphy being the Scrapped Watchman is through the subtitles that are unreadable as you play through the Boss Fights throughout Lies of P. Translated they show the truth behind the Scrapped Watchman’s identity:

  • Zach…Sophie…Eric…Toma
  • I miss…the whistle…I don’t hear it anymore
  • Freezing…cold…find my friends

I theorize that the Scrapped Watchman saw the puppets kill Zach, Sophie, and Eric, friends of Toma. Frozen by the Petrification Disease caused by puppets of Ergo, Murphy seeks revenge on all puppets to avenge his lost friends.

As Toma remains the last alive, Scrapped Watchman holds onto a piece of his humanity, fuelled by his hatred for the puppets. In the case of locating the Scrapped Watchman, all players inevitably find him and verse him, regardless of whether you have accepted Toma’s Request or not. With that in mind, the Scrapped Watchman is a much lonelier story than before.

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