Airship - When is the New Among Us Map Coming Out?
Image via InnerSloth

Sometimes I wish game devs wouldn’t announce new content for their games until it’s already finished. I know, you gotta drum up the hype, get everyone interested, but the wait is always so agonizing. I think I’d rather just not know new content existed until it’s already ready to go. Eh, c’est la vie. If your hype is already drummed, you’re probably wondering when Among Us’ next map is coming out.

The next map for Among Us, the Airship, was announced during the Game Awards 2020 presentation in December. It’s the biggest map in the game yet, which is kind of funny to me, as I’d personally expect a spaceship to be bigger than an airship, but I guess that’s just me. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s red, and for you fans of classic flash games, it’s a big ol’ reference to the Henry Stickmin series. But when will we actually get to play it?

When is the New Among Us Map Coming Out?

At the moment, all we have as far as a release date goes is a blanket “early 2021,” so probably before summer, if one were to make an educated guess. However, the interesting thing is that not too long after the Airship was announced at the Game Awards, players discovered an exploit in the Switch version of Among Us that allowed them to try out the map early. While there were a few glitches and missing pieces here and there, the map was, effectively, complete. That exploit has since been patched out, but the implication is that InnerSloth is trying to keep their cards close to their chest.

Some players have theorized that InnerSloth is waiting for a particular day to release the map on. Popular theories include Valentine’s Day, whatever day the Xbox version of Among Us comes out, and June 15th, the game’s three-year anniversary. Obviously, this is all speculation for the moment, but if nothing else, the near-completed state of the map seen in the Switch version implies the wait won’t be too long.