When Can You Buy TotW Players in FIFA 21
Image via EA

Throughout your Ultimate Team journey in FIFA 21, there are plenty of situations that allow you to add more talent to your squad. Eventually, you’re going to need to buy players to remain competitive. With limited resources initially, you will have to spend your coins wisely. It is paramount that you buy the right players at the right time. So then, when is the right time? There are many ways you can add top-rated cards to your squad, but of the series of packs available, FIFA 21’s TOTW players are among the most popular. Below we have outlined when you should buy TOTW Players in FIFA 21. 

When Can You Buy TotW Players in FIFA 21?

Each week EA picks the top-performing footballers from recent football games, rewarding those who play well on one of the world’s fields in FIFA 21 each week. Each player is given a special “TOTW” (Team of the Week) card with a better overall score and increased statistics. 

These special cards will also replace the player’s usual card from the pack for the entire week. So, if you pick the right players, you can sell them at a high rate and end up making a ton of money. Keep an eye out for players that you know will be in demand, specifically players that play for top-tier clubs or are extremely valuable to their squad. These cards will garner the most value on the transfer market. 

“Team of The Week” in FIFA 21 comes about every Wednesday at 1:00 PM (EST), and for that hour, TOTW players will be available to buy in packs. 

So, you should ideally wait until the market lacks pre-purchased gold cards (usually between Friday-Sunday) and try to sell these cards every Wednesday (before they show up in the pack again).