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What to Do with Dandelions in Sun Haven

They're pretty and annoying! They're pretty annoying!
sun haven dandelions
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Dandelions are indicative of the spring season, spreading their seed pods on the wind to propagate themselves. When you’re a kid, they’re fun and pretty. When you’re an adult, specifically a farmer in Sun Haven, they’re an obnoxious menace, doubly so when they’re created by an obnoxious nature spirit. Here’s what to do with Dandelions in Sun Haven.

What to Do with Dandelions in Sun Haven

Dandelions are a species of invasive flower that start popping up on your land in Sun Haven around the beginning of the Spring season. They don’t just sprout up on their own, however; Dandelions are directly spread by Weedil, the Spring Elementi. Once the season starts, Weedil will appear somewhere on your property and begin spreading his weeds all over the place.

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While having Dandelions on your property is annoying if you’re trying to foster crops, they do have their own applications. For one thing, they’re pretty helpful for building up your Farming skill. Every Dandelion you harvest with a Scythe will get you half an experience point in Farming, so if there are a lot lying around, you can quickly grind up some points. You can also sell harvested Dandelions for 1 Gold a pop, and when harvested, they occasionally drop useful items like seeds. You can even grind them up in a juicer to make Yucky Green Juice, which you can chug yourself for Mana recovery or gift to Dr. Wornhardt if you’re pursuing him.

How to Defeat Weedil

sun haven weedil
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If you leave Weedil alone, he’ll eventually leave your property of his own accord midway through the Spring season. If, however, you’d prefer him gone sooner, you can talk to him and challenge him to a contest. If you win, he’ll leave immediately (though he’ll still be back next year), but if you lose, he’ll instantly spawn a bunch of fresh Dandelions on your property.

To defeat Weedil, all you need to do is beat him in a game of jump rope. He’ll set the rope up, and all you need to do is press the jump button whenever the big “JUMP!” sign appears over Weedil’s head. Keep doing this until his health drains, and he’ll pack it in. If you’re having trouble with this minigame, you can also opt to ask your neighbors for help, starting the quest “A Neighbor’s Aid.” This will send you to Lucia, who in turn will direct you to Liam, who lives a short walk north of your property. His sisters are great at jump rope and will join you in Weedil’s game, showing you the optimal times to jump.

Dandelions can be a mildly helpful early-game Farming aid, as well as a potentially useful resource to save for a rainy day, but generally speaking, you should probably try to just get rid of ’em as soon as you can. They’re still weeds, pretty though they may be.

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