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All Bachelors, Bachelorettes and Romance Options in Sun Haven

Love is on the cards during your time in Sun Haven

Sun Haven recently fully released, coming out of Early Access for Windows as of now. Its next update of 1.2 will see it being ported to the Nintendo Switch, so for now, check out who you can romance while the game becomes increasingly more accessible than before.

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We will list the romanceable characters’ names, occupations and where you can find them, in and outside of their work (locations). These tables will also be split to represent the gender pool depending on the players’ preference for ease of navigation.

All Bachelorettes in Sun Haven

Female candidates

Character NameOccupationLocation
AnneGeneral Store OwnerSun Haven
Anne’s House
Catherine (Rabbit species)Town WitchSun Haven
Catherine’s House
Iris (Elf species)EnchanterNel’vari
Kitty (Cat species)Shop OwnerSun Haven
Kitty’s House
LuciaArchmageSun Haven
Lucia’s House
LynnBlacksmithSun Haven
Lynn’s House
Xyla (Demon species)Royal CouncilWithergate

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All Bachelors in Sun Haven

Character NameOccupationLocation
ClaudeComposerSun Haven
Claude’s House
Darius (Demon species)PrinceWithergate
Donovan (Wolf species)N/AWithergate
JunTeacherSun Haven
Jun’s House
LiamBakerSun Haven
Liam’s House
NathanialKnightSun Haven
Vaan (Elf species)MageNel’vari
WornhardtDoctorSun Haven
Wornhardt’s House

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