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How to Get and Use Bee Boxes in Sun Haven

Hey, what's the buzz?
sun haven bee box
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It’s common knowledge in this day and age that bees are one of the most important creatures on the face of the Earth. It’s thanks to bees’ pollination efforts that we have beautiful flowers to appreciate, not to mention air to breathe, and all that honey doesn’t hurt either. If you need a bit more buzz in your life in Sun Haven, you too can reap the benefits of bees! Here’s how to get and use Bee Boxes in Sun Haven.

How to Get and Use Bee Boxes in Sun Haven

Bee Boxes are craftable farming installations you can create for yourself in Sun Haven. Bee Boxes play home to beehives, and those beehives are, of course, full of bees. These can fly over to nearby flowers, collect their pollen, and bring it back to the Bee Box to create honey for you, which you can use for cooking, selling, gifting, or whatever else makes you happy.

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Before you can make your own Bee Box, you’ll need to obtain the crafting recipe. You’ll get the recipe by reaching the fourth rank on the Farming Skill Tree and unlocking the Beekeeper skill. Once you’ve got the recipe, you can craft a Bee Box at a crafting table using the following materials:

  • 40 Wood Planks
  • 80 Stones
  • 2 Fire Crystals

It takes 38 minutes to craft a Bee Box, so just set that thing in motion and come back later.

Harvesting Honey

sun haven bee box craft
Image via Pixel Sprout Studios

After you’ve set up the Bee Box on your property, you need to create a honey-friendly atmosphere. In other words, you need to plant flowers around the Bee Box. There need to be at least twelve fully-grown flowers planted within at least 6 tiles’ distance of the Box itself for the bees to start collecting pollen and producing honey. Once the honey process is in motion, just leave the bees alone for about three days, then check the Bee Box to reap the rewards. You can cut that down to two days if you get the Busy Bee skill from the Farming Skill Tree, by the by.

Here’s the cool part: depending on the flowers you plant near the Bee Box, the flavor of the honey you produce will change. While all honey has the same general restorative effects, different flavors can be used in different cooking recipes. Here’s which flowers produce which flavors:

  • Red Roses: Red Roses Honey
  • Blue Roses: Blue Roses Honey
  • Honey Flower: Regular Honey
  • Daisies: Daisy Honey
  • Orchids: Orchid Honey
  • Tulips: Tulip Honey
  • Hibiscus: Hibiscus Honey
  • Lavender: Lavender Honey
  • Sunflowers: Sunflower Honey

Honey production is a great way to make some extra cash, as one jar of the stuff can fetch as many as 400 coins. Long as you give those little guys some flowers, they’ll do right by you.

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