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What is The Wild in Dead Ops Arcade 3?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduces Dead Ops Arcade 3, the third installment of the top-down Zombies arcade mode. There are some new changes in this edition of Dead Ops Arcade, including a zone known as The Wild. For those of you who are new to Dead Ops, or players wondering about this new zone, we’ll explain what it is to you in this post. So, what is the Wild in Dead Ops Arcade 3?

What is The Wild in Dead Ops Arcade 3?

The Wild is a new level in Dead Ops Arcade 3. You’ll first reach this zone at the end of Round 4 in Dead Ops Arcade. The main boss of this mode, Mamaback, will spawn and destroy your teleporter. Your only way out is through a portal to the Wild. 

What is The Wild in Dead Ops Arcade 3?

There are a few unique things about the wild that we’ll cover. First, you can change your camera angle and flip your camera while in this area. We recommend going with the “high” camera setting so you can see your surroundings more easily. 

You will also discover hidden rooms in The Wild, which you can open by using keys. The flashlight and mech vehicle is in the first locked area, but the key comes in handy for something else. Keys tend to be limited in supply, making them valuable, so be careful how you use them. 

There are various spike traps scattered throughout The Wild, which will auto-kill you, so be cautious of those. Take your time and look out for the sparkling on the ground, which signifies spikes. 

You can also find Arcade Machines in this area, which takes you to bonus areas like Silverback Slideways. Dying in the bonus area does not remove a life or remove your multipliers.

Eventually, you will come to a portal to exit The Wild, but you may want to stay and thoroughly explore the area. You can find additional keys and access to the Deadly Dungeon. Exploring every corner of the Deadly Dungeon will unlock the “Dungeon Diver” trophy.

Use the exit portal when you’re ready to exit The Wild and progress through the rest of your run. That’s all the basics you need to know about The Wild. Good luck!

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