Enchanted boots and books in Minecraft
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What is the Max Level for the Depth Strider Enchantment in Minecraft?

One enchantment on our favorite pair of boots has its unique conditions.

Minecraft’s armor system is uniquely versatile in a way that’s different from any other game. You have your different tiered armor that has varied durability and protection level, and to only further improve your armor is applying your choice of enchantments giving them buffs and making them unique from one another.

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But one enchantment on our favorite pair of boots has its unique conditions, so for those who ask what is the max level of the Depth Strider Enchantment in Minecraft, here is the answer and more.

What is the max level for Depth Strider?

You can upgrade your boots’ Depth Strider enchantment all the way to Depth Strider III, once you’ve reached this level, your swimming speed will be on par with your sprinting speed on land. Depth Strider is especially useful when traversing through water and grabbing some quick loot from shipwrecks, underwater ruins, and even underwater monuments.

How to obtain Depth Strider in Minecraft

Enchanted book on an anvil in Minecraft
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Depth Strider book enchantments of any level can be found wherever enchanted books can be found. For example, below are places and structures you can commonly find them in:

  • Shipwrecks
  • Underwater Ruins
  • Hidden Treasure Chests
  • Strongholds
  • Nether Fortresses
  • Piglin Bastions
  • Dungeons
  • Ruined Portals
  • Abandoned Mineshafts
  • Ancient Cities
  • Woodland Mansions
  • Pillager Towers
  • Dessert Temples
  • End Cities
  • Villages

You can also get them through fishing, enchanting books, or boots on the Enchantment Table or you can have a chance to simply buy them through a villager librarian for the price of a random amount of emeralds and one book.

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Things you didn’t know about the Depth Strider

Did you know that you can stack two Depth Strider I books, boots, or boots and books together through an anvil to make Depth Strider II? The same goes with two Depth Strider II in order to make a maxed-out Depth Strider III!

You also can’t apply Depth Strider enchantment on your boots if you have Frost Walker on them, because this contradicts the ability to be able to swim or walk on water. Enchanting straight on your boots will risk you seeing the “too expensive” text on the anvil. To prevent this and end up spending way too much exp only to not be able to fully upgrade your boots again, it is better to max enchant books before applying them to your boots.