Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft
Image via Mojang

When you’re beset by a horde of zombies and skeletons in Minecraft, a good, sturdy sheet of metal is sufficient for not dying, nine times out of ten. But why should you settle on just not dying when you could be living? You want the most out of life, you’re gonna need a set of magic duds to get it. Here are some of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft.

Take On the World and Look Good Doing It

Much like weapons and tools, armor pieces, including helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots, can all be enchanted at your local anvil or enchanting table. If you’ve read our guides on weapon and tool enchantment, there are certain universal enchantments we covered there that also work well for armor pieces, such as Mending and Unbreaking, which increases their general longevity. In addition to those, let’s cover some armor-exclusive enchantments that will make exploring and surviving a little easier on you.

Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft

The best armor Enchantments in Minecraft are:

  • Protection
  • Feather Falling
  • Respiration and Depth Strider
  • Frost Walker


Your bread-and-butter armor enchantment, Protection gives you a flat resistance bonus against all forms of physical damage. Protection can be applied to any kind of armor, and can be leveled up to IV, reducing damage by 4% for each level. There are also circumstantial variations of Protection, such as Projectile Protection, Fire Protection, and Blast Protection, but regular Protection is always a safe bet.

Feather Falling

It only takes an hour of construction in Minecraft to realize that you fall from high places with alarming frequency. Instead of feeling like a putz every time you slip from your scaffolding, enchant your boots with Feather Falling to spare yourself a headache. Feather Falling reduces the damage you take from falling from high places; it’ll still hurt like the dickens, but it won’t kill you.

Respiration and Depth Strider

Whenever you’re exploring the deep dark ocean on a salvage operation, a helmet enchanted with Respiration is an absolute must. Each rank of Respiration decreases the rate at which your oxygen meter depletes, allowing you to stay underwater much longer without needing to look for air bubbles or come back to the surface. An excellent companion to Respiration is a Depth Strider enchantment on boots, which increases the speed at which you swim through water.

Frost Walker

On the other hand, if you want absolutely nothing to do with water whatsoever, then you may as well not even deal with it. A Frost Walker enchantment on your boots causes a temporary halo of ice to bloom out from you whenever you step on a water block. With this enchantment, you can walk right across any large body of water, no breath-holding required. Plus, your chilly toes make you immune to damage from stepping on a fire or magma block. It’s kinda like Adam Sandler’s frostbitten foot in Mr. Deeds, if you’ve ever seen that.