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What does Luck do in Vampire Survivors? Answered.

All you need is a bit of Luck.
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Vampire Survivors has a plethora of Statistics that are shaped around the 40 playable character builds. The characters of Vampire Survivors have their own set of unique starting stats to bring with you into battle. These stat sets are the main focal point for players when choosing which character is best to use. Most stats look directly into increasing the characters abilities when fighting such as Movement Speed, Max Health and Might. Whilst other stats can directly affect the Stage area and outcomes such as Growth, Greed and Luck. But what does the Luck Stat do? Is it useful to have or should players just focus on increasing their Max Health and Might during their playthrough of Vampire Survivors?

What is Luck?

Luck is one of Vampire Survivors 19 Player Statistics. These stats offer additional effects on both the characters build and the environment of the stage. Some stat sets are more difficult and challenging to use than others such as – Lama Ladonna with initial stats of +10% Curse or Dommario with -40% Movement Speed. The stats available in the game are:

  • Max Health
  • Recovery – the amount of HP regenerated per second.
  • Armor
  • Movement Speed
  • Might – Alters the total attacking damage.
  • Area – Adjusts the total size of the area of attack.
  • Speed – Projectile speed.
  • Duration – How long the weapon effects last for.
  • Amount – Alters the number of extra projectiles a weapon has.
  • Cooldown – The waiting period after using an attack.
  • Luck
  • Growth – Adjusts the number of XP gained from Experience Gems.
  • Greed – Alters the amount of Gold obtained from Pickups and Treasure Chests.
  • Curse – With this stat the enemy speed, health, quantity and frequency are increased.
  • Magnet – The radius of picking up Experience Gems.
  • Revival – The number of Extra Lives.
  • Reroll – How many times a player can reroll the level-up rewards that appear after every 30 seconds-1 minute of a Stage.
  • Skip – How many times a player can skip levelling-up in the 30 seconds-1 minute selection windows of a Stage.
  • Banish – How many times a player can banish level-up rewards.

The Purpose of Luck

So, what is Luck? Luck alters the probability of items dropping on Stages and increasing the players chances of experiencing positive outcomes such as collecting multiple rewards from Treasure Chests. Luck can increase the likelihood of obtaining more Pick Ups and higher quality Treasure Chests. Some characters start with this Stat. Such as Queen Sigma with a +50% chance of Luck and Ambrogio with +20% Luck. Having Luck will increase the chances of experiencing more positive effects during a Stage. Examples of these effects are:

  • Increases the chance of getting a fourth levelling up option in the 30 second- 1 minute selection windows of a Stage.
  • Stage Item respawn rate increase.
  • Treasure Chest may offer more than one reward.
  • Increase the probability of obtaining more rewarding pickups after destroying Light Sources.
  • Chances of positive weapons effects occurring: Critical hits, freezing enemies with the Jail of Crystal (XIV) Arcana, or Cherry Bombs exploding.

Luck also decreases the chances of negative map events occurring during a Stage, where events such as Swarms are less likely to spawn in with a higher Luck statistic. As Vampire Survivors focusses on the player’s survivability and choices made in the selection portions of the Stages, players may wish to focus their character build on a different stat such as Might, Movement Speed or Armor. However, Luck is an excellent choice to pick for weapon evolving and levelling up faster as it increases the likelihood of collecting Experience Gems. There is no limit on how much Luck a player can have, with its Passive Item, Clover providing an additional +10% Luck per level (up to a maximum of +50% at Level 5).

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