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How to Evolve the Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors

Attack from all angles with the Mannajja
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Vampire Survivors has a good range of weapons that you can level up and evolve during your fight for survival. Great items such as King Bible, Song of Mana, Phieraggi and Cherry Bomb are a few of the recommended weapons to use against Vampire Survivors’ hordes. Although, there are weapon combinations such as the Song of Mana with Knife, Cherry Bomb with Bone, and Phieraggi with Death Spiral which can strengthen your character’s build. Having the option to evolve standard weapons into something more powerful than its predecessor allows players to test all possible builds. This is a quick guide into how to Unlock the Song of Mana and evolve this weapon into the Mannajja.

What is the Song of Mana and How to Unlock

The Song of Mana is one of the most effective weapons to use in Vampire Survivors. It has the ability to quickly clear multiple enemies at once. Its visual attacking effect appears as a vertical panel, devasting enemies above and below you. The Song of Mana has 8 level upgrades. With max stats: +30 Base Damage, +175 Area, +1.5 Duration seconds and +2.25 Cooldown. With Limit Break you can get an additional +1 Might and +5 Area. Using the Arcana Divine Bloodline (IX) can strengthen the Song of Mana’s damage based on Armor.

To unlock the Song of Mana you must first unlock the character Poppea Pecorina. She is purchasable for 1,000 Gold after finding and opening her coffin in the Dairy Planet. The Song of Mana is Poppea’s starting weapon, unlocked by surviving 15 minutes with her on stage.

How to Evolve the Song of Mana

The Song of Mana can be evolved into the Mannajja by combining with the Relic, Skull O’Maniac. To obtain this Relic you must survive 30 minutes with the character Lama Ladonna. To unlock Lama, you must survive 20 minutes using a character with a minimum of 10% Curse activated. Alternatively, players can pick up Cursed Items and Cursed Passive Items found on stage and through level ups. Examples of these are Golden Eggs, Gold Ring or Metaglio Right. This means that you do not need to hold the cursed item for the full 20 minutes. But you need to have the 10% Curse active onwards from the 19-minute mark. If you succeed, then Lama is unlocked and purchasable for 500 Gold.

The Skull O’Maniac can also be found as a Stage Item in Mad Forest and Moongolow. It is recommended that players obtain the Milky Way Map before locating both Poppea and the Skull O’Maniac. The Milky Way Map can be located on the Dairy Planet by heading south of the starting area. This Relic will allow players to locate Treasure Chests, Stage Items, and Relics in all stages. Once unlocked it provides a permanent map, accessible on the pause screen. This assist players, making it easier to find unlockable characters and Relics.

Once you obtain the Skull O’ Maniac this can be combined with Song of Mana. To do this the Song of Mana must be Level 8. By having the Relic in your inventory, the Song of Mana shall evolve into the more powerful Mannajja. The Mannajja uses the attack of 5 concentric circles, pulsing outwards from the character. The circles move with you, with a wider area of attack than the Song of Mana. Due to its ability to deal damage from all angles. Mannajja also has a chance to slow enemies upon impact.

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