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How Do You Unlock the Pummarola Achievement in Vampire Survivors?

Five minutes can change your game
Vampire Survivors Update 0.2.10 Change Log
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Vampire Survivors is a rougelike game where players face endless hordes of monsters. Playing to see how long they can last, and plan how to survive longer. Naturally in a game like this every advantage matters. Even something small can be the difference between success and failure in a run. Which is why something as simple as the Pummarola is highly sought after by new players looking to get better at the game.

Unlocking Pummarola

Surprisingly unlocking Pummarola in Vampire Survivors is an easy task, as long as players have the coin for it. First, players must purchase the character Gennaro Belpaese. To purchase Gennaro, players only need five hundred coins. After that, simply play as Gennaro for five minutes, and then the Pummarola is avalible permanently as a passive buff.

For new players who may not have enough coin, there is another way to earn Pummarola. Albeit it will not be a permeant unlock. Around the Mad Forest and Moongolow areas, Pummarola has the chance to appear as a stage item. A word of warning, as soon as the run ends, so too does the effects of Pummarola. The only way to unlock Pummarola permanently is with purchase of Gennaro Belpaese.

What does Pummarola do?

When unlocked, Pummarola ups the player’s Recovery by 0.2 for every level gained. Meaning that at level five, players can recover 1 HP per second. The more they level up, the more health is recovered. This is an invaluable asset when facing hordes of monsters, giving players a fighting chance to even the odds. Aside from healing, the only other use that Pummarola has is being a requirement in evolving Garlic to the Soul Eater. As to how a vegetable can turn into a weapon that can eat souls is anyone’s guess

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