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Best Characters in Vampire Survivors, Ranked

Who will you pick?
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Vampire Survivors released Version 1.0 on October 20th, 2022. This gothic horror tests your fighting capabilities. Battle thousands of creatures and try to survive the night. With 40 playable characters- 24 non-secret and 15 secret characters, all unlockable and purchasable with Gold. The options are vast with who you can play and how you can play Vampire Survivors. So, which character has caught your eye? Who will you master as you tackle the stage and take on the beasts of the night? These are our Top 10 Vampire Survivors Characters, Ranked.

Best Characters in Vampire Survivors, Ranked

10. Imelda Belpaese

Imelda is the perfect starting Vampire Survivors’ character. Unlocked by default, she gains +10 Growth every 5 levels until level 15, this means that you will leave up quicker. Imelda starts with the Magic Wand, this can be leveled up 8 times to the stats of- +20 Base Damage, +3 Amount (projectiles), +1 Pierce (penetrates 2 enemies), and -0.2 seconds of Cooldown. Limit Break can be used to evolve the Magic Wand into a stronger weapon with stats- +1% Might, +5% Area, +5% Speed, +1 Amount, +1 Pierce, and +1 Base Damage.

Unlocking and enabling the Waltz of Pearls (XI) or the Jail of Crystal (XIV) Arcanas will upgrade the Magic Wand and add two new gameplay mechanics. Projectiles can bounce off enemies up to 3 times with the Waltz of Pearls and the Jail of Crystal adds a 25% chance of freezing enemies with the projectiles. Because she is the easiest starting character to use, she is 100% worth noting in this Top 10 if you were at all unsure of who to play at the start of the game.

9. Dommario

Dommario can be unlocked by getting over 5,000 Gold in a single run. When this is achieved, he is purchasable for 500 Gold. His stats are- +40% Projectile speed and +40% Duration. The reason he is only in the number 9 spot is because of his -40% Movement speed. His weapon is the King Bible, with max level stats of- +20 Base Damage, +50% Area, +60% Projectile speed, +1 Duration, and +3 Amount. Arcanas Twilight Requiem (II) and Divine Bloodline (IX) can be enabled, dealing extra damage and having the bibles explode when they expire.

8. Arca Ladonna

Arca can be unlocked by getting the Fire Wand to level 4 and purchasing him, costing 500 Gold. His base stats are- 10% Might and gains a -5% Cooldown every 10 levels until level 30. For the earliest parts of the game, it is recommended that you select the Heart of Fire (XIX) Arcana for the Fire Wand or Hellfire (the evolution of Fire Wand, using Spinach).

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7. Lama Ladonna

Lama Ladonna is unlocked by surviving 20 minutes on stage with a 10% Curse activated. You can achieve this by obtaining Curse from Golden Eggs or other Curse items either through level-ups or obtaining them during a stage. The cursed item does not need to be on you for the entire 20 minutes, but you must be carrying it at the end of the run. She can be purchased for 500 Gold.

Lama’s base stats are- +10 Max Health, +10% Might, Movement Speed, and Curse. As you level up until level 40+ she will gain another 5% Might, Movement Speed, and Curse every 10 levels, maxing at 30%. At the max level, she is the second fastest character. However, because of her Curse stat, she’s a difficult character to master, especially for casual players. Her weapon, the Axe can be evolved into Death Spiral, a great weapon that is also used by the Mask of Red Death.

6. Zi’Assunta

Unlock Zi’Assunta by purchasing her for 5,000 Gold after finding and opening her coffin in Cappella Magna. Her base stats are- +20% Movement Speed and +10% Curse. Alongside this, with every level, Zi’Assunta gains +0.5% Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area. Zi’Assunta is the best class for leveling up Might as she will outclass Antonio’s Might from level 102. She is also a better character choice to Dommario as her Speed and Duration outclasses his from level 82. Her weapon is the Vento Sacro, capable of hitting critical hits. Using the Arcana Slash (XVI) can increase the damage of critical hits to an x4 damage output.

5. Pugnala Provola

Pugnala can be unlocked after finding and opening her coffin in the Mad Forest. You can then purchase her for 1,000 Gold. Her base stats are- +20% Movement Speed and +1% Might which she gains with every level up. There is no cap on her Might increase. This puts her above Antonio Belpaese, and she will outclass him from level 51. Pugnala is a better option than Zi’Assunta for players who do not want a challenging character to play as. Her starting weapons are Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow which can be united into Phieraggi. Use Arcanas Iron Blue Will (VII) and Gemini (I) to strengthen these weapons.

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4. Avatar Infernas

The first secret Vampire Survivors’ character on this list. Avatar Infernas, unlocked by clearing Eudaimonia Machine, entering Inlaid Library with Inverse Mode enabled, kill the Trickster and enter the sequence D A A# G C# on the piano. This will take you to a dark area with 9 coffins, you will find a boss in the coffins, you must kill this boss to unlock Avatar. After beating the boss Avatar Infernas can be purchased for 666 Gold.

His levelling up stats are- +0.5% Cure, Might, +2% Movement Speed and -0.25% Cooldown. He will gain these with every level up and there is no limit to these passive bonuses. His base stats also include- +60 Max Health, +50 Might, Luck, +100 Magnet, +1 Revival and +10 Reroll. His starting weapon is the Flames of Misspell which can be leveled up further using Limit Break. Can evolve into the Ashes of Muspell by combining with Torrona’s Box at max level.

3. Mask of the Red Death

This secret character is unlocked by killing Death (The Reaper). After killing Death, this character can be purchased for 666 Gold. The Mask of the Red Death has 255 Max Health, +100% Movement Speed and +20% Might. He has the highest movement speed in the entire game. His starting weapon is the Death Spiral which can be leveled up further using Limit Break. Enable the Slash (XVI) Arcana to have a 30% chance for critical hits. If these connect it will deal 4x damage.

2. Leda

Another secret Vampire Survivors’ character, unlocked by defeating her in Gallo Tower. She is a hidden boss and upon defeating her you will unlock her as a playable character. It is recommended to have the Mask of the Red Death unlocked and used when versing Leda. She can be purchased for 666 Gold. Leda’s base stats are- +5 Armour, -20% Movement Speed, +100% Might, +10% Area, -10% Cooldown and -80% Greed. Her weapon, Holy Wand can be leveled up further using Limit Break and the Arcanas Waltz of Pearls (XI) and Jail of Crystal (XIV) can be added to strengthen its abilities.

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1. Queen Sigma

The last and best Vampire Survivors’ character is Queen Sigma. To unlock her you need to complete all 122 items of the Collection. If all entries of the Collection are complete you will be able to unlock Queen Sigma who will be purchasable, although she is free. Queen Sigma is by far the strongest character in Vampire Survivors.

With starting stats- 333 Max Health, 3.0 Recovery, 3 Armour, +50% Movement Speed, Luck Might, Duration, -25% Cooldown, +1 Amount, +1 Revival, +100% Magnet, +10% Curse, +108 Reroll, Skip and Banish. She also gains +1 Might and Growth with every level up and this does not have a level-up cap. She can also use 5 Arcanas at once. Her weapon is the Victory Sword (aptly named), obtained by defeating 100,000 enemies with Sigma in a single run. She is a great reward for players who have completed all 122 Collection entries.

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