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What are the Biggest Ships in Starfield?

Bigger is better.
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Let’s get down to business. You’re looking for a ship and you’re looking for the biggest ship out there? We can help you. In Starfield, you have access to around 50+ different vessels that you can get and modify. We covered what ship was the smallest for our explorers out there. It’s time to show you where the biggest ship is located and what makes it the heaviest ship in the universe. Here is the biggest ship you can purchase in Starfield.

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Where is the Biggest Ship in Starfield Located?

If you’re looking to get the biggest spacecraft out there, we recommend getting the Privateer. In addition to being massive, it’s probably one of the best choices when you want to focus on defense. You want something that’s going to protect you from the harsh universe. There are space rocks crashing into your walls and black holes sucking you in. You don’t want to mess with Mother Nature (or Mother Universe?), therefore, you need a big ship to use in Starfield.

The Privateer is a massive ship that has enough space for cargo and can perform crazy jumps. It’s one of the starter ships that you come across. If you want to purchase The Privateer you need to head to Straud Ecklund (Neon, Dalvik) and have 146,000 funds available. It comes with a base of 100 fuel, 675 hull, and 710 cargo capacity. Want something a little smaller? Here is a list of the biggest ships in Starfield:

  • Conquerer – You can purchase this ship for 250, 000 with 840 shield and can hold up to 6 crew members at Stroud-Eklund Staryards.
  • Dragonfire – You can purchase this ship for 368, 325 with 2790 cargo capacity and huge jump range at Eleos Retreat.
  • Pik Up – You can purchase this ship for 122, 450 with 355 shield and can hold up to 3 crew members. More information on where to purchase this ship will become available.
  • Roanoke – You can purchase this ship for 173, 925 with 2375 cargo capacity and 420 fuel. More information on where to purchase this ship will become available.
  • Wanderlust – You can purchase this ship for 165, 125 with 2375 cargo capacity and 30 fuel at Eleos Retreat.

Can you Expand Your Ship’s Cargo in Starfield?

Privateer comes with plenty of cargo space and it’s best used for exploring regions and gathering materials for trading. At 710 cargo capacity, you’ll be able to find items and store them for the future. Of course, there’s always room for wanting to add more cargo as you explore other regions of space.

If you want to expand your cargo you can do this by adding cargo modules or upgrading existing ones. Just speak to a ship technician at a spaceport and have them modify your ship.

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