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How to Find Boustrous in Narslene Sewers in Chained Echoes

The winding paths of the Narslene Sewer System
Image via Matthias Linda

Whilst the Sewers are mostly accessible, there is a section in which you cannot access in the majority of your Chained Echoes playthrough. For those wondering, seeing the Sewer in its entirety is imperative in obtaining all of the Elemental Tablets. These are then used to gain access to the final Boss of the Chained Echoes. You are required to find the secret area of Ograne Grottos in order to access a different side of the Narslene Sewers. Players must locate the Baalrut Tunnels in Ograne Grottos as this location leads directly to Narslene Sewers, alongside many other areas which house important Super Bosses that you must defeat to obtain the other Elemental Tablets. This is our guide on how to access Narslene Sewers.

How to Access Narslene Sewers

It is important to note that whilst you will have already visited these Sewers through natural progression in Chained Echoes. You will need to return to this game during the last portion of Chained Echoes. You want to visit Baalrut Tunnels and Narslene Sewers within Ograne Grottos for the search of the majority of the Super Bosses in the game. As these reward you with the Elemental Tablets needed to fight God King Gaemdriel. Whilst these are all optional tasks, they are crucial to 100% completion of Chained Echoes.

Getting the Elevator Key

Firstly, you need to get into the secret area of Ograne Grottos. What you must find is the Elevator Key. This is located inside the Nhysa Magic Academy. From the Courtyard, head into the far-left building located on the north side. In this room there is a note for the ‘Flying Smithy’ location and in the Chest to the right of the room you will find the Elevator Key. Next, fly over to Raminas Tower using the Airship. Go to the Elevator Room inside the Tower and use the Key to go to 1F. If this is your first time here, you will need to fight a lot of enemies as you travel to 8F (exit to Ograne Grottos).

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Heading into Baalrut Tunnels

Once you have made your way to this new area of Ograne Grottos, head south-west immediately. You will see the entrance to the Tunnels which you can unlock. South of this door, you will find a Merchant hidden away in the southern-room. The Merchant has useful items for you to purchase, should you decide to browse. Upon entering the Tunnels, you will find the Super Boss Chel and Twi’Tone, necessary to fight for the Fire Tablet. However, for this guide, to get to Narslene Sewers you must head south upon entering the Tunnels. In the Tunnels most southern chamber, you will uncover the exit taking you straight into a new side of Narslene Tunnels.

Finding the Super Boss: Boustrous (Water Tablet)

Now that you have found this side of Narslene Tunnels, you next objective is to locate Boustrous. This is the Super Boss you must defeat to gain the Water Tablet. The Sewers work as running pipes which carry your Clan across. For those looking to explore the area in its entirety, make sure that you jump on and off the Pipes as you move through the Sewers. For this guide you are looking to locate a Water Lever which is currently missing its Handle. This is the route you need to take in the Pipes to get to the Lever Puzzle:

  • From the starting room, hop onto the Pipe, taking you east and then south. In the room directly below the starting room, hop onto the Pipe on the right which will take you east into a new area.
  • Continue on this Pipe, not hopping off to take the Pipe north of this room. You will enter the main Pipe System in which you cannot see your characters.
  • You must turn south before it automatically pushes you down the western passage.
  • This will take you to a clearing with x2 Soul Hoarders that you must defeat to get to the Pipe behind them.
  • There is a Lever located next to the Pipe in the middle of the room in which you can enter north and exit south to get to it. You can find its Handle in the next area at the south-west corner of the map. This is useful in obtaining a Soul of Farnese.

Completing the Lever Puzzle

In the main Sewer area made up of changing water levels and bridges, players must find Switches to both activate and deactivate in a specific order. By doing this, you will locate Boustrous. First, taking the Pipe south from the empty Lever room where you fought the Soul Hoarders will take you down into the next area. Use the Lever to the left of the stairs to lower the water level. These are the steps to completing this puzzle:

Switch 1 and 2

  • After turning on Switch 1 at the top of the staircase, do not head down it. Instead go east and follow the path around. Directly south is 2 Croapiers and a Soul Hoarder. Defeat these and continue east, going north at the first intersection. Follow this around to turn on Switch 2.
  • You will see that there is a third Switch next to Switch 2 which you cannot get to at the moment. This is the next one you must activate. Head back but instead of going to where you fought the Croapiers and Soul Hoarder, go south instead.
  • Drop down into the water below and cross over to the east and resurface. You will see a short cutscene with Boustrous.

Switch 3

  • After the cutscene, head east and then north immediately at the first intersection. Follow the path around until you face 3 Croapiers and a Soul Hoarder. There is the Lever 4 next to them, activate it. after defeating the enemies.
  • Head back to the northern side of the area, following the paths heading north-west. You will return to the 2 Levers that are next to one another. Cross the bridge north-east to get to Switch 3. Activate it which will allow you to cross the bridge north of the Switch.
  • Go up (crossing the bridge) and turn left, follow the path down to deactivate Switch 2 (the one next to Switch 3).

Switch 4

  • With Switch 2 deactivated, head back around to Switch 3 and then follow the route south-east back down to Switch 4. Go south from the staircase (do not go down) and follow the route around, crossing the final bridge in the centre of the Sewer area and ascending the narrow staircase.

You have found Boustrous. Defeat this Super Boss to obtain the Water Tablet as seen in the cutscene before the fight. Make sure that you are more than prepared with taking this Super Boss on. You will be rewarded with lots of SP and a Grimoire Shard. Upon collecting the Water Tablet, continue your exploration of the Narslene Sewers, gaining a Soul of Farnese and other items.

We hope this guide on how to find Boustrous inside the Narslene Sewers in Chained Echoes was helpful. For more Chained Echoes guides, feel free to take a look at: Chained Echoes Baalrut Tunnel Map – How to Locate the Tunnels or Where to Find Charm of the Learner in Chained Echoes. You can also follow us on Gamer Journalist at Facebook for more walkthroughs/guides/explanations/opinions and much more on the latest gaming content.

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