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Warframe: How to Farm Citrine

New Warframe? Let's farm.
New Warframe Citrine on the cover image.
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Crystals that will give you power, Warframes. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it does, but I don’t know if you are going to like the way you will be able to get it, and all its other weapon and abilities. I could be wrong though, maybe you do enjoy playing repetitive levels and missions in Warframe. If that’s so, then congratulations! Today’s your birthday! Here is how to farm Citrine in Warframe.

How to Farm Citrine in Warframe

Citrine is one of the many Warframes included in, well, Warframe. It is a yellow or golden variant of quartz that was introduced alongside Zephyr, another Warframe, in the most recent February update, Update 32. While it is possible to purchase Citrine from Otak in Necralisk, Deimos by spending Belric Crystal Fragments (350), Rania Crystal Fragments (350), and the main blueprint (500), the way to farm Citrine is located on Mars. It is the Mirror Defense mission in Tyana Pass, which will have you defend two Crystals from enemy waves: Rania’s Crystal on Mars, and Belric’s Crystal on Venus. Don’t worry, there is a Void tunnel you will cross that will enable you to defend both.

Citrine aiming for the enemy in Warframe.
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You will start defending one of the crystals for two and a half minutes, then traverse the Void, and then defend the other. This will take you a total of 5 and a half minutes, counting the 30 seconds spent in the Void tunnel. These three objectives will make up a rotation, and there are three types of rotations: A, B, and C. I guess they didn’t want to make things overly complicated.

Anyway, the order of the rotations is as follows: AABC. Each rotation will have its own set of rewards, with Citrine only being rewarded in rotation C. Go ahead and keep playing this mission (which is unlimited) until you have collected all the Citrine you need. Below are two tables: one is Citrine’s weapons and drop chances with a calculation of how many rotations you will have to do to get them, and the other is Citrine’s unique abilities.

Citrine Rotation C Drop Chances

CitrineSourceChanceExpectedNearly Guaranteed
 Systems BlueprintMirror Defense / C4.50%~ 22 C Rotations150 ± 50 C Rotations
 Neuroptics BlueprintMirror Defense / C4.50%~ 22 C Rotations150 ± 50 C Rotations
 BlueprintMirror Defense / C6.80%~ 14 C Rotations98 ± 32 C Rotations
 Chassis BlueprintMirror Defense / C4.50%~ 22 C Rotations150 ± 50 C Rotations

Citrine Abilities

Fractured BlastA Bleed inflicting slash that staggers enemies. Those inflicted with this status effect will drop more Health and Energy Orbs.
Preserving ShellCitrine will use a shield to guard herself and all nearby allies, with kills and assists increasing its defensive power.
Prismatic GemA gem will be deployed and shoot prismatic beams at enemies being attacked by Citrine and her allies. Status effects: Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity.
CrystallizeCitrine will summon fractals that will seek out enemies and paralyze them. Crystalline growths will appear that will deal Critical Damage when hit.

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Yes, you will have to defend a decent amount of Crystals and jump from Mars to Venus for quite a while. Hopefully, RNG gods will be merciful and deal you a good hand. Otherwise, well, I hope you don’t spend all the rest of your life farming for Citrine and her weapons. Good luck, Tenno.

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