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Warframe: How to Get Hildryn Prime Relics

Collect these rare items!
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Warframe is a futuristic RPG that lets you control a bio-metal suit as an experienced warrior who is determined to fight against evil. Customize your character using some of the many weapons available in the game as you work to complete all of the missions and side quests in Warframe, with just enough time left to get home for dinner. Fight enemies alone or in a group as you unlock new warframes and grow your prowess in combat. One of the newest warframes to arrive in the game is known as Hildryn Prime, and in order to unlock this fearsome character you will first need to do a couple of things. In this guide we will cover how to get all of the Prime Relics required for Hildryn Prime in Warframe!

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How Do You Get Prime Relics in Warframe?

Image via Digital Extremes

If you want to get Prime Relics in Warframe, you will need to grind a little bit first. There is no definite way to get these Prime Relics except for completing missions that offer them as rewards. Firstly though, here is a list of all four Relics that you need for Hildryn Prime, as well as the rarity of these Relics.

  • Hildryn Prime Blueprint – Axi H6 – Rare
  • Hildryn Prime Systems – Lith H8 – Common
  • Hildryn Prime Neuroptics – Neo S17 – Uncommon
  • Hildryn Prime Chassis – Meso P11 – Uncommon

How Do You Get These Relics?

Each of these Relics have a mission in Warframe which is optimal for obtaining them. Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure it out all by yourself since we’ve already done the hard work! Here is the list, with one mission for each Relic!

Hepit in the Void

This capture mission gives you Lith Relics every 60-90 seconds or so. Play solo so that you aren’t held back by your teammates, and focus on using a quick warframe to collect the Relics even faster!

Io on Jupiter

For Meso P11, you will want to finish this defensive mission. We recommend ensuring that you have Area of Effect weapons on your warframe so that you can take out all of the incoming enemies in less blasts, rather than individually targeting them. Try using the Banshee or Equinox warframes to get the best results!

Xini on Eris

For players who need the Axi Prime Relics, play this mission and you will receive them during the second and third rounds of the quest. You can also get more than just the Axi H6 Relic, which means if you’re looking for Axi Relics for other purposes this mission is a great place to run through! You can also get Neo Relics from completing this mission during the first rotation of the event.

Infested Salvage on Eris

This mission at the Oestrus node can get you Neo Relics if you need them, and it is the best one to attempt when you are playing as part of a fireteam. Try out this capture mission and work together with experienced teammates to finish it quickly so that you can maximize your chances of getting Neo Relics. We recommend the Banshee warframe for this event due to its unique powers which will help with the Infested Salvage mission’s challenges!

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