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Trials of Mana Item Seeds

There are a couple of different ways to obtain items through Trials of Mana. Aside from buying items through the stores, enemies can drop item seeds which have a variety of uses. This guide explores how you can get Item Seeds in Trials of Mana, what they do, and the different types.

Trials of Mana Item Seeds

Item seeds are best utilized by planting them in magic pots to grow them. You can get a few different types of item seeds from killing enemies throughout the game. This can be a lot more cost-effective than straight buying items from NPCs.

There are four different types of item seeds, each with a different drop chance and rarity level. These are obtained from killing different enemies, and will randomly have a chance to drop.

NameDrop ChanceWhere to Find
Item SeedLow Rabites and Goblins
Silver Item SeedMediumSahagin
Gold Item SeedGood
Rainbow Item SeedBestHigh-Level Enemies

Using Item Seeds in Trials of Mana

To use item seeds, you need to plant them in a Magic Pot. You can find these magic pots at any Inn throughout the game. The plants will instantly sprout from the magic pot, so there is no wait-time required to reap the rewards of the item seeds.

Magic Pots level up the more you use them. A higher level magic pot means a higher chance that enemies have to drop Item Seeds. Each Inn has a different magic pot, but they all share the same level.

Farming Item Seeds in Trials of Mana

You can use a few different methods to farm Item Seeds quickly. One way is by picking Angela and killing Sahagins in the starting area. These drop Silver Seeds which are useful later on in the game. If you use this method, make sure not to go to the star on the map or it will transport you to a new area.

After getting 99 Silver Seeds, you can head for Jadd to farm regular Item Seeds and level up the Magic Pot. Rabbits drop regular Item Seeds, and you should be able to get the Magic Pot to Level 3 quickly.

If you’re new to Trials of Mana, feel free to check out our characters guide so you can start thinking about how to build your party.

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