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How to Reset Stats in Trials of Mana

How to Reset Stats in Trials of Mana
How to Reset Stats in Trials of Mana

You can distribute stats to your characters in Trials of Mana to determine their strength and power. Throughout the game, you may want to reset the stats because you found a more efficient way to build your characters. This is a common occurrence for many players, and luckily there’s an easy way to do it. This guide walks you through the process of how to reset stats in Trials of Mana.

How to Reset Stats in Trials of Mana

You will encounter a Fortune Teller in the game located in the Merchant Town Beiser, which will unlock early on in the game. This is who you will need to speak to in order to get your stat points sorted.

Where is the Fortune Teller

After accessing the town, you can head to the Night Market which can be found in the southeast area. Note that this area can only be accessed when it’s night in the game. You can find the Fortune Teller in the night market.

You can use an item called Dream Reed to switch the game’s time of day from day to night and vice versa. It might be a good idea to use this instead of waiting around and wasting time.

The Fortune Teller is at a table with a crystal ball. All you need to do is speak with her and tell her you need to reset your stats. This will cost a small amount, but there is no limit to how many times you can reset your stats so it’s definitely worth it.

This makes it so you can experiment with some different stat point distributions to see what makes your party the most effective.

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