Best Party Combo in Trials of Mana

The new Remake of Trials of Mana from Square Enix released today, and one of the first things to do in the game is to pick your party. There are six characters to choose from, and each of them has four tier-3 classes to choose from. This guide will give you some ideas for the best party combo in Trials of Mana.

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Best Party Combos in Trials of Mana

Here are a few different example party combos in Trials of Mana that will serve you well throughout the game. A lot of it is up to personal preference and how you want to play, so keep that in mind and refer to our best starting characters guide to get an overview of each character.

Boss Killer Party Composition (Physical)

  • Kevin (Fatal Fist) – Damage
  • Hawkeye (Nightblade) – Debuffs
  • Riesz (Starlancer) – Buffs

This is a great all around boss killer setup for high physical DPS. Kevin will be the main damage dealer and serve as the most effective character against bosses. Hawkeye will be used to silence enemies and doing AoE attacks on large groups. Reisz grants very useful buffs to increase party attack, defense, and mobility.

Boss Killer Party Composition (Magic)

  • Duran (Edelfrei) – Elemental DPS and Buffs
  • Kevin (Fatal Fist) – Elemental DPS
  • Charlotte (Necromancer) – Debuffs

Again, Kevin will serve as our primary DPS, but this time in elemental form instead of physical. Duran will also be a secondary DPS and buff Kevin’s elemental DPS with her abilities. Lastly, Charlotte as Necromancer will provide some very useful and much needed enemy debuffs to allow Kevin and Duran to do some serious damage and have more sustainability.

Balanced Party Composition

  • Duran (Duelist) – DPS and Buffs
  • Charlotte (Necromancer) – Debuffs
  • Riesz (Starlancer) – Buffs

This party composition is well-balanced and provides some nice all-around buffs for the party. Duran will be dealing a majority of the DPS, while Charlotte debuffs enemies and Riesz buffs the party. Duran can exploit weaknesses and can handle a little more damage than Kevin, so we prefer her in our lineup as a duelist.

Balanced Late-Game Party Composition

  • Duran (Berserker) – DPS and Buffs
  • Hawkeye (Vigilante) – DPS and Debuffs
  • Riesz (Meteorite) – DPS and Buffs

This build is good for late-game content because it focuses mainly around high damage while sprinkling in some buffs and debuffs. Each character can do a solid amount of damage, while Duran outputs the most. If you run this composition you won’t have much difficulty with anything in the game.

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