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Trials of Mana Full Items List

There are dozens of different items and many item types that can be obtained through the Trials of Mana remake. Each item has its own specific purpose and can be used for different things. Our Trials of Mana full items list will go over every individual item in the game, along with their effects and item classes.

Trials of Mana Full Items List

The are currently six different types of items within the Trials of Mana remake. You can get basic items, magic casting items, throwable items, class change items, key items, and seeds.

Basic Items

  • Angel’s Grail – Revives a fallen ally.
  • Dreamsee Herb – Changes between night and day.
  • Honey Drink – Fully restores your HP.
  • Magic Walnut – Restores 20 MP.
  • Magical Rope – Returns you to the entrance of the area.
  • Pakkun Chocolate – Restores 300 HP.
  • Puipui Grass – Remove status ailments.
  • Round Drop – Restores 100 HP.
  • Stardust Herb – Clears magic effects.

Throwable Items

  • Dart – Deals damage to an enemy when thrown.
  • Hand Axe – Deals damage to an enemy when thrown.
  • Pumpkin Bomb – Deals damage and restores your MP.
  • Hand Axe – Deals damage to an enemy when thrown.

Magic Casting Items

  • Assassineye – Poison bubble (single enemy)
  • Basilisk’s Fang – Stone cloud (single enemy)
  • Battum’s Eye – Mind down (single enemy)
  • Bearclaw – Stone saber (single enemy)
  • Bee’s Eye – Protect down (single enemy)
  • Bird’s Scale – Speeds up a single ally.
  • Bulette’s Scale – Protects a single ally.
  • Carmilla’s Claw – Moon saber (single ally)
  • Crawler’s Claw – Leaf saber (single ally)
  • Darkness Coin – Evil gate (single enemy or all enemies)
  • Demon’s Claw – Dark saber (single ally)
  • Dragon Fang – Cold blaze (single enemy)
  • Drake’s Scale – Power up a single ally.
  • Dryad Icon – TransShape a single ally.
  • Earth Coin – Diamond Missile single or all enemies.
  • Fire Lizard’s Fang – Blaze wall a single enemy.
  • Flame Coin – Fireball a single or all enemies.
  • Ghost’s Eye – Death spell a single enemy.
  • Gnome Icon – Earthquake a single enemy.
  • Grell Oil – Aura wave a single enemy.
  • Harpy’s Fang – Stun wind a single enemy.
  • Ice Coin – Ice smash a single enemy.
  • Imp Eye – Body change a single or all enemies.
  • Kerberos’ Claw – Flame saber a single ally.
  • Light Coin – Holy ball a single or all enemies.
  • Lumina Icon – Saint Beam a single enemy.
  • Luna Icon – Half vanish a single enemy.
  • Mama Poto Oil – TInkle rain a single or all allies.
  • Matango Oil – Counter magic a single ally.
  • Molebear’s Claw -Diamond saber a single ally.
  • Moon Coin – Cast Lunatic on a single enemy.
  • Myconid’s Eye – Sleep flower a single enemy.
  • Needlion’s Eye – Speed down a single enemy.
  • Pakkun Oil – Magic Shield a single ally.
  • Papa Poto’s Claw – Saint Saber a single ally.
  • Porobin Oil – Life booster a single ally.
  • Poseidon’s Claw – Ice Saber a single ally.
  • Poto Oil – Heals single or all allies.
  • Sahagin’s Scale – Mind up a single ally.
  • Salamando Icon – Explode a single enemy/
  • Shade Icon – Dark force a single enemy.
  • Shadowzero’s Eye – Black curse a single enemy.
  • Siren’s Claw – Thunder Saber a single enemy.
  • Slime’s Eye – Power down a single enemy.
  • Specter’s Eye – Anti-magic a single enemy.
  • Storm Coin – Air blast a single or all enemies.
  • Sylphid Icon – Thunderstorm a single enemy.
  • Undine Icon – Mega splash a single enemy.
  • Wolf Devil Oil – Energy ball a single ally.

Class Change Items

  • Arcane Book – Grand Diviner
  • Bad Luck Die – Rogue
  • Book of Secrets – Archmage
  • Bottle of Ashes – Necromancer
  • Book of Runes – Runemaster
  • Bottle of Blood – Warlock
  • Bottle of Salt – Sage
  • Briesingamen – Vanadis
  • Bullseye Die -Ninja Master
  • Death Wolf Soul – Sage
  • Demon Wolf Soul – Dervish
  • Duelist’s Proof – Duelist
  • Forbidden book – Magus
  • Gleipnir – Fenrir Knight
  • Gold Wolf Soul – God Hand
  • Good Luck Die – Wanderer
  • Holy Water Vial – Bishop
  • KnightDrgn Chain – Dragon Master
  • Lord’s Proof – Lord
  • Master’s Proof – Sword Master
  • MorningStar Chain – Star Lancer
  • Nighteye Die – Nightblade
  • Paladin’s Proof – Paladin
  • Silver Wolf Soul – Warrior Monk


  • Item Seed – Item seeds can be planted at the Magic Pot at any Inn to obtain items. Magic Pots level the more you use item seeds, and they are all interconnected between different locations.
  • Flying Item Seed – Plant in a Magic Pot to obtain throwable items.
  • Magic Seed – Plant in a Magic Pot to obtain Magic Casting items.
  • Mysterious Seed – Plant in a Magic Pot to obtain recovery items.
  • Weapon/Armor Seed – Plant in a Magic Pot to obtain weapons and armor.
  • Seed – Plant in a Magic Pot to obtain class change items. You can save before using this, and then reload the game and plant the Seed to try and obtain a specific class item. Repeat the process until you get the one you want.

Key Items

  • Chibbikko Hammer – Make your allies miniature.
  • Gunpowder – Provided to the operator of first cannon travel.
  • Illusion Mirror – Reveals Mirage Palace.
  • Moogle Badge – Toggles Moogle status.
  • Pihyara Flute – Allows you to call out to turtles at beaches.
  • Wind Drum – Allows you to call Flammie.

This concludes the list of items in the Trials of Mana remake. If more are added into the game in future patches we will update our list. Check out our best starting character guide if you are new to the game.

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