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How to Change Character Classes in Trials of Mana

How to Change Character Classes in Trials of Mana

Each character in Trials of Mana has unique subclasses to choose from throughout the game. Do not worry about what you pick to start, because you can pick your subclasses throughout the game. We will show you how to change character classes in Trials of Mana in case you are having some trouble finding out how to do it.

You have the option of choosing between multiple subclasses for each of the three characters of your party in Trials of Mana. There are two points in the game where you can do this.

How to Change Character Classes in Trials of Mana

At level 18 you pick your second class and at level 38 your pick your third class. Have a look at our character overview guide to get an idea of each character’s classes.

A consumable item called Goddess Scale can be found throughout the game in Treasure Chests, which can be used to change your character class later on in the game. The Goddess Scale can be used to reset characters to their base class, so you can retrain your second and third class.

Selecting a Character’s Second Class

You can immediately pick your second class at level 18, all you need to do is look for a Mana Stone and select the class there. These are found throughout following the main storyline.

Selecting a Character’s Third Class

At level 38, you can select your character’s third class. This can be done at the Mana Sanctuary. You will not be getting any Mana Stones at this point in the game, so make sure you choose wisely here as your choice will be locked in until the end-game where you can find special items to reset the classes.

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