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Top 8 Best Dead by Daylight Mods

We demand more mods!!
Dead by Daylight Teaser
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has been around since early 2016, and is one of the most popular horror games on the market! With a popular game that’s been around for so long, you’d think it would have amassed a decent chunk of mods over the years. Contrary to popular belief, however, this game doesn’t actually have a very large reservoir of mods (for whatever reason). Many of the Dead by Daylight mods that are out currently are purely cosmetic, likely because cosmetic mods are the easiest (and most fun) type of mod to create.

This game may not have many mods to choose from, but the mods it does have pack a pretty huge punch! Many modders take their jobs seriously, and their creativity and dedication shows in their amazing Dead by Daylight mods. Most of the available mods for Dead by Daylight are for cosmetic purposes only, but that can always change in the future, as more and more mods are constantly coming out for this game. These are some of the best Dead by Daylight mods available right now!

Top 8 Best Dead by Daylight Mods

Dwight Clone Trooper Skin Mod

Dwight Clone Trooper Skin in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

This mod is exactly what you think it is! Everybody loves Dwight in Dead by Daylight; Dwight was one of the original survivors released with the game in 2016, and is now one of the most popular survivors in the game. Dwight’s appearance hasn’t changed much since his initial release, however, so this mod sets out to change that!

With this mod, you can now turn your favorite survivor (Dwight) into a ruthless Storm Trooper from Star Wars! This mod by Reteretei on GameBanana was the mod none of us thought we needed until we had it; you have to consider downloading this hilarious mod. Just imagine hunting down other players as a killer in Dead by Daylight and seeing a Storm Trooper. If you love Star Wars as much as you love Dead by Daylight, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this mod!

Springtrap Mod

FNAF Springtrap Mod in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Have you ever played Dead by Daylight and wondered how you could possibly make it even scarier? Now you finally can with the Springtrap mod! This terrifying mod by Schinsley on GameBanana features a horrifyingly realistic Springtrap from Five Night’s at Freddy’s as a new killer.

Springtrap takes the place of Michael Myers in the game, so instead of having a humanoid psychotic killer running after you, you can have an animatronic psychotic killer chasing after you! This mod is the perfect addition to Dead by Daylight for Five Night’s at Freddy’s fans; instead of having five nights to escape this terrifying monster, however, you only have until daylight!

Nemesis Gon’ Give it to Ya Mod

Nemesis in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive/CAPCOM

This is another mod we didn’t know we needed until we had it; this mod replaces Nemesis’s chase theme music with X Gon’ Give it to Ya by Mr. X. This mod really needs no explanation, who wouldn’t want to add this to their game?? This brilliant mod was made by Death33 on GameBanana and is (unsurprisingly) currently one of the most popular Dead by Daylight mods!

If you find yourself getting scared easily in Dead by Daylight, you need to consider adding this mod to your collection; after all, who can focus on being scared and running for your life when you’re listening you early 2000’s hip hop? This free mod is incredibly worth the effort of obtaining and it only takes a few seconds to download!

Michael Myers – In Shape Mod

Michael Myers in Shape Mod Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

This mod gives us what we’ve all secretly been waiting for ever since Michael Myers was added to Dead by Daylight in 2016. Since Behaviour Interactive was too chicken to add it to the game, Puppet88, Marvipun, and Chattywindow on GameBanana stepped up to the plate and delivered what we’ve all been secretly craving: a ripped, shirtless Michael Myers.

Not only does this mod give you a sexy, shirtless serial killer skin, it also gives you the option of adding body hair to this killer’s robust body. Whether you prefer your jacked killers waxed or werewolfed, this mod is absolutely perfect for anyone who’s ever needed a good distraction in this game. Who can focus on survival and being terrified when there’s such a distracting, husky set of abs chasing you??

McDonald’s Clown Mod

McDonald's Clown Mod in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

If you weren’t scared of clowns before, you will be after downloading this mod. This mod by Cykosu on GameBanana adds a new, horrifying character to Dead by Daylight: a terrifyingly detailed McDonald’s clown. This mod is well made and worth the hype, but be warned: you are going to have some very weird McDonald’s themed nightmares after playing with this mod.

If getting chased by infamous serial killers and horrifying monsters wasn’t bad enough, now you get to be chased around by this thing. Honestly, after you’ve been chased down and slaughtered by a murderous Ronald McDonald cosplayer, you’ll never be able to look at McDonald’s quite the same way ever again.

Glowing Items Mod

Flashlight Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

If you’ve ever had trouble finding items around Dead by Daylight’s maps, you need to get this mod! This mod adds emissive effects to numerous useful items in the game, like to the Flashlights, Medkits, Toolboxes, Maps, and Keys.

This mod was created by the exceedingly talented SantaDwight on GameBanana and can be a huge lifesaver to any avid Dead by Daylight player! Everyone knows how dark Dead by Daylight’s maps can get; items are hard to find enough as it is, let alone in the pitch black recesses of the map! Items are incredibly useful in Dead by Daylight, who wouldn’t want to make obtaining them even easier?

Foxy the Pirate | FNAF Mod

FNAF Foxy in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Five Night’s at Freddy’s characters look both out of place and yet incredibly natural in the deep, dark recesses of Dead by Daylight’s trap-littered maps. Everything about these possessed animatronics is creepy, from the predatory way they run to the soulless pits they have for eyes; it’s no wonder they look so at home in Dead by Daylight!

This mod by JuztAndy and Unorthodxed on GameBanana adds a new killer to Dead by Daylight: Foxy from Five Night’s at Freddy’s! If Dead by Daylight’s classic serial killers and revolting monsters weren’t scary enough for you, you definitely need to consider downloading this terrifying mod and adding Foxy to your collection of killers!

Minecraft Steve Over Trapper (With Pickaxe) Mod

Minecraft Steve Killer in Dead by Daylight
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Have you ever wished you could just merge Minecraft and Dead by Daylight together into one bizarre game? You finally can with this mod by Your_lord_Adam, Blender3D, and BrandonItaly on GameBanana! If you thought Trapper was your favorite killer in Dead by Daylight, think again, because you obviously have never had the privilege of trapping and killing people as Steve from Minecraft.

This mod puts the classic Steve skin over Trapper in Dead by Daylight, and even includes a diamond pickaxe! Once you download this mod and start playing, you’ll never be able to go back to regular Dead by Daylight or Minecraft ever again.

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Dead by Daylight is a masterpiece of a horror game and is perfect just the way it is, but any game can always be improved upon with mods. There’s no shame in downloading Dead by Daylight mods here and there to enhance your gaming experience! Mods are popular for a reason; use as many as you want!

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