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The Division 2 – How to Find All Hunter Locations and Get Masks

Complete your Hunter Mask collection.
Division 2 How to Get All Hunter Masks
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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a popular open-world shooter in Washington DC where you lead a team of soldiers to save the world in the post-pandemic setting. The game has coop, PvP and features a lot of side quests and exploration which puts it above any regular, everyday shooters. Part of that exploration is the Hunters and Hunter Masks. In the article, we will show you where Hunters are located and how you can acquire their masks.

Getting Hunter Masks

Hunter Masks are equipable cosmetic items acquired by killing Hunters and collecting them from their bodies. However, fighting these fierce shooters is easier said than done. Hunters are proficient soldiers that are pretty tanky, move fast and deal serious damage, and on top of that, in some scenarios, you will encounter a few of them at once.

Since Hunters are strong enemies, we suggest not attempting to kill them before the end game. However, if you want to do it earlier you need to be very careful. The best strategy for killing a Hunter solo is to always have grenades/grenade launchers ready as two or even one well-placed shot (a direct hit) can kill them. If you can, upgrade your grenade launcher so it does maximum damage. Playing in a party with friends will make killing Hunters easier of course but you will still have to have a strategy before approaching them.

Even though it will be difficult to fight multiple Hunters at once, the good news is that if you, for example, kill 1/3 and die, that one will still be dead when you revive and come back to the same location. When this happens, keep in mind that some Hunters might roam around a bit so search a wider area than the one they were previously in.

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Hunter Locations

There is a total of 12 Hunters in Division 2 and their locations are scattered across the map. In order to “summon” them or to make them spawn you will have to do various actions on those locations. Depending on how you look at it, it can be a good or a bad thing that you won’t be visiting 12 different locations since some of the Hunters will spawn together.

Ghoul Mask Location

Go to the West Potomac Park at Henry Bacon Dr NW and find a big sewage opening that has a ladder. Go in and follow the tunnel until you reach a room with some computers and abandoned equipment.

Interact with a laptop you see on a table and as you do a lightbulb will turn on above it, showing you an X on the map with a moon symbol. This means that you need to come to that location ( the big pool in the National Mall) during the night. You will see a small platform with a lightbulb dangling above it, lighting it up. Shoot the lightbulb and the Hunter will appear.

Demon Mask Location

To find Demon Mask you will have to go to the big building with a central courtyard where 12 St NW and E St NW meet. Climb a couple of floors and look to the middle of the courtyard. On some of the windows, you will notice target practice targets. Shoot them starting from the highest one and working your way to the lowest and the Hunter will spawn.

Crimson Mask Location

You need to go to Downtown East and visit the Stronghold building west of Judiciary Square. Once in the middle courtyard, enter the south part of the building, and at the first counter you see, interact with a radio then quickly head to the north part of the building and pick up a ringing phone. This will spawn a Hunter wearing a Crimson Mask.

Wraith Mask Location

Wrath Mask can be found at a memorial site with a flag and a pool next to it, just southwest of Capitol Hill. Approach the flag and do a salute emote and the Hunter will spawn in the pool. If he doesn’t spawn right away, try saluting from different positions around the flag and salute multiple times.

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Midas and Revenant Masks Location

For Midas and Revenant Masks, you need to go to the big building on the West End, right across Roosevelt Island. Go to the pool in front of the building when it’s night and use the jumping jacks emote to get Midas and Revenant Hunters to spawn.

Ghost and Specter Masks Location

Go to the Washington Monument and get to the bottom of it during nighttime. Interact with the big TV hanging from the wall and you will see three dots representing three graves on the map. Visit each grave and use the salute emote once there. After that, go back and interact with the TV once again and you will see a big orange circle across the screen which means that the Hunters have spawned.

Hunters in this location will act differently as they are the only ones that don’t just show up in front of you and engage you immediately. Instead, they will be sitting in their locations and when you engage them they will run away. This is why it’s very important that you kill them quickly. If you don’t you will have to look for them around the area where they first spawned.

The first Hunter will be located south of Constitution Ave NW sitting in a high place. The second one will spawn just a little north of the Washington Monument, again he too will be sitting on high ground.

Phantom, Death, Diamond, and Cross Masks Location

This location will get you 4 Masks at once: Phantom, Death, Diamon, and Cross. You need to go to the East Mall, in the southeast part of the Federal Triangle. Once there, go to the pavilion, visit the coffee shop and pull the lever next to the coffee machine. Go to the dried-out Christmas tree in front of the coffee shop and 4 Hunters will spawn.

We hope this article helped you find all Hunter Masks. If you want to read more on Divison 2 see our pieces about how to get Ravenous Rifle and how to get Busy Little Bee Exotic. Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook for more gaming news.

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