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The Ants Underground Kingdom Codes (September 2022)

Become the best ant you can be!
The Ants Underground Kingdom on Roblox
Image via Roblox

Players can vicariously live a fulfilling life as a miniature ant in The Ants Underground Kingdom! The Ants Underground Kingdom is a unique, free-to-play game on Roblox. If you’ve ever wanted to live another life with a wildly different perspective, The Ants Underground Kingdom is the perfect game for you! Harvest food and collect helpful pets to build the greatest Ant Kingdom ever; this game is perfect for those who need a simple yet fulfilling game to play after a stressful week.

You will be rewarded with coins and gems for selling bits of food in the game, so it’s not too difficult to climb the economical ladder in The Ants Underground Kingdom. However, there are easier ways to obtain your wealth. If you want to give yourself a financial boost in your playthrough, try using the codes below to obtain amazing rewards! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay current on all the newest codes for The Ants Underground Kingdom!

All The Ants Underground Kingdom Codes

Last Checked: September 21, 2022. Added 2 new codes.

Current Codes:

  • oosruzql — Redeemable for Gems (NEW)
  • zuoyvnjm — Redeemable for Coins (NEW)
  • dbwztpth — Redeemable for Coins
  • engyntph — Redeemable for Coins
  • pkdtcper — Redeemable for Free Rewards
  • ofytsplk — Redeemable for Coins
  • stoneminer — Redeemable for Coins
  • pkdtcper — Redeemable for Gems
  • uxyjbmyk — Redeemable for Coins
  • uzsojdfe — Redeemable for Coins
  • joingroup — Redeemable for an Epic Ant
  • lczlojfm — Redeemable for an Epic Ant
  • nerizknp — Redeemable for a Mythic Ant
  • ANTSHEROES – Redeemable for a free Strober mythic effect
  • hotpot – Redeemable for 50 free gems
  • gdrruzav – Redeemable for 3.5k coins
  • dngekaql – Redeemable for 3.25k coins

Expired Codes:

  • rubiblcp

What are Coins and Gems used for in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

Coins can be used to buy massive upgrades for your ant, and gems can be used to purchase items and upgrades from The Ants Underground Kingdom shop. Ant upgrades can be very useful to players, because these upgrades affect how much food your ant can carry at a time, and how quickly it can be obtained. The more food you acquire, the more money you get!

How do you Redeem Promo Codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

Codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom can easily be redeemed by following these steps:

  • Open The Ants Underground Kingdom in Roblox.
  • Locate the “settings” button on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the “settings” button. A new window should appear, detailing the various settings of the game. Below these settings should be a textbox, where you can input promo codes.
  • Click on the textbox and accurately type in the promo code.
  • Locate the “redeem” button to the right of the textbox and click on it.
  • Your code should now be redeemed.

If you’ve ever unironically wanted to become an insect, you’ll love The Ants Underground Kingdom. If you love playing games that feature adorable bugs and animals, you’ll also love Bee Swarm Simulator and RoPets on Roblox! Gamer Journalist features all the latest codes for all the latest games, stick with us for all your gaming needs!

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