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Terraria Blood Moon Fishing: all items and enemies

Terraria Blood Moon Fishing: all items and enemies

The Blood Moon is a randomly occurring event that lasts a night. Players can also manually force the event by using a Bloody Tear. When a Blood Moon occurs, you can start fishing in a random body of water for a chance at unique items and enemies. Let’s take a look at every single item and enemy you can get from Blood Moon fishing in Terraria.

We will start by looking at the different enemies you can fish up during the Blood Moon event. There are a total of five different mobs you can catch. Two of these mobs are available pre-hardmode, and they are the Zombie Merman and the Wandering Eye Fish. In hardmode, we also have the Hemogoblin Shark, the Blood Eel, and the Dreadnautilus

To go into some more detail about each enemy, here are their stats and how much damage they do in classic Terraria mode. Damage and stats scale up as you increase the difficulty.

Zombie Merman

The first pre-hardmode enemy is the Zombie Merman, and is a tad bit stronger than the Wandering Eye Fish but a lot less mobile.

  • Damage: 40
  • Health: 400
  • Defense: 20

Wandering Eye Fish

Another pre-hardmode enemy, the Wandering Eye Fish, is easy enough to defeat with only 300 health. It can fly around, so be prepared for that if you fish one up.

  • Damage: 35
  • Health: 300
  • Defense: 18

Hemogoblin Shark

Here is one annoying enemy you don’t want to fish up. It is fast on the water and land, shoots projectiles, and can be a pain to kill. 

  • Damage: 70
  • Health: 5,000
  • Defense: 30

Blood Eel

The Blood Eel is a fast-moving mob that deals different amounts of damage depending on which part hits you. You will want to aim for the head, as that is its weak spot.

  • Damage: 90 (Head), 60 (Body), 50 (Tail)
  • Health: 6000
  • Defense: 0 (Head), 30 (Body), 40 (Tail)


Last up is the Dreadnautilus, the deadliest Blood Moon fishing enemy. It may as well be a boss or mini-boss, but technically it’s just a regular enemy. For one attack, it can spawn Blood Squids that have 1,000 health.

  • Damage: 55
  • Health: 7,000
  • Defense: 24

Blood Moon Items

Now that we know which enemies can appear from Blood Moon fishing, what about the items they can drop? First up is the Blood Moon Tear, which can drop from any of the enemies. You can use this item to force a Blood Moon event during a regular night in Terraria.

Next up is the Advanced Combat Techniques item. You can fish this item up without killing any item. This item is a consumable that gives buffs to your NPCs. Only one of these consumables can be active, and it boosts the defense of your NPCs by 6, and their attack damage by 20%.

The Chum Caster fishing rod drops from either the Zombie Merman or the Wandering Eye Fish. It grants 25% fishing power but has an increased chance to fish up enemies during a Blood Moon event. This fishing rod is what you want to use during a Blood Moon. A related item is the Chum Bucket, a consumable that can drop from any of the Blood Moon enemies. You can use this to increase your fishing power for ten casts.

You can throw up to three Chum Buckets into the water to increase your power. One Bucket increases power by 2%, another increases power by 4%, and a third increases fishing power by 7%. Subsequent Chum Buckets do not affect your fishing power.

Next up is the Blood Moon Monolith, which drops from the Dreadnautilus. Placing this item down will change the environment to match that of a Blood Moon. This item is purely for aesthetics and affects nothing else in the game.

Blood Moon Weapons

The Blood Rain Bow is an item that drops from both of the pre-hardmode Blood Moon enemies. It turns any arrow into a Blood Arrow that drops down from the sky. It’s effective on large enemies and big groups of enemies, as it is not accurate for single targets.

Vampire Frog Staff is another pre-hardmode weapon that summons a miniature Vampire Frog to fight for you. It is a new summoner staff you can pick up early on in the game, but it does have a low drop rate. While the damage is low, the summon can deal piercing damage, which makes it good against larger groups of enemies.

Next up is the Haemorrhaxe, a drop from the Hemogoblin Shark and Blood Eel. It’s an effective axe, but does not serve many purposes beyond that other than smashing demon altars. 

Moving on, each of the three hardmode Blood Moon enemies has a chance to drop a unique weapon. First up is the Blood Thorn, which drops from the Hemogoblin Shark. The Blood Thorn weapon attacks at the location of your mouse cursor. Overall, it’s sort of useful for mining, but that’s about it. 

Next, we have the Drippler Crippler. This flail drops from Blood Eels, and spawns projectiles that bounce on the ground and pierce through enemies. It’s a strong weapon that is effective against big groups of mobs.

Last, we have the Sanguine Staff, which drops from the Dreadnautilus. This item summons bats that hang out around your character. The summoned bats attack in a circular path, so proper positioning will make it deal more damage.

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