How to Get Illegal Gun Parts in Terraria

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Terraria thrives in its replayability, largely due to the amount of content that it has. One aspect that heavily adds to the Terraria experience is crafting weapons. There’s a vast amount of materials needed for crafting weapons, one of which is Illegal Gun Parts. Here’s how you can get Illegal Gun Parts in Terraria.

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Where to obtain Illegal Gun Parts in Terraria

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To get Illegal Gun Parts, you can buy them from the Arms Dealer at night time. They cost 20 Gold each. You can use Illegal Gun Parts to craft Sandgun, Flamethrower, and Megashark. All of these are valuable weapons to carry you through a large portion of the game.

Is it a good idea to grind for Illegal Gun Parts in Terraria?

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If you’re starting out and don’t know much about the game, it’s very important to grind for at least one Illegal Gun Parts. The main reason for that is because of the Megashark. Although not the most powerful in the game, the Megashark will trounce most bosses in Terraria, especially if you get the Unreal version.

The Megashark iis relatively easy and doable at an early point in the game. You just have to have these ingredients:

  1. Minishark – Purchasable at the Arms Dealer for 35 Gold
  2. Shark’s Fin (5x) – Almost a hundred percent drop from Sharks in the Ocean biome.
  3. Soul of Might (20x) – Found by farming The Destroyer or rarely found as a drop by Lepus
  4. Illegal Gun Parts – 20 Gold at the Arms Dealer (Night time)

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The only difficult aspect of the grind is the Soul of Might, since it is reasonably gruesome to spawn and beat The Destroyer. However, once you’ve gathered everything, you can craft the Megashark.

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