Terraria 1.4 Easter Egg Seed 'not the bees' uncovered
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Terraria 1.4 Easter Egg Seed ‘not the bees’ uncovered

Terraria 1.4 Easter Egg Seed 'not the bees' uncovered

Terraria uses something called seeds to randomly generate unique worlds. Players have the option to enter a specific seed when they go to create a new world. Unknown to most players, the developers put in a couple of Easter Egg seeds that generate very unique worlds. Players quickly found out about these and explored them to their fullest within a day.

One Terraria 1.4 Secret World Seed, also known as ‘Drunk World’ by the community, was the first to be uncovered. Players tried out the same seed used by Andrew Spinks in a Tweet back in early April to learn that it creates a strange world where a Party Girl spawns instead of a guide. Now, players have just uncovered another new world, and it has to do with bees.

Terraria 1.4 Easter Egg Seed ‘not the bees’

  • Seed: not the bees

The new Easter Egg seed creates a strange looking world with some interesting looking areas. One player got an overview of the entire world and posted it on Reddit. Here’s what it looks like:

To get this new honey-themed world to show up, head to the title screen where you go to create a new world. Enter in the seed field ‘not the bees’, and then your map will look like the one posted above. During the loading screen, you should see a message that says “generating bees”.

Caution, for those of you who hate bees, this new world might not be for you. “Thanks, I hate it.” Either way, it’s definitely a fun new world to explore, and we won’t spoil anything for you in this article.

This world is a reference to an achievement that could be unlocked back in the early Terraria days called Not the Bees. To get that achievement, you wear full Bee Armor items made from Bee’s Wax and fire your Bee Weapon.

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