Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Secret Seed World

Terraria 1.4 Journey's End Secret Seed

After the Journey’s End update, Terraria players have figured out a secret seed that generates a very strange world. In this world, things aren’t how they normally are in Terraria games. For instance, instead of a Guide at the beginning of the game, there’s a Party Girl. The Terraria soundtrack is also changed to the Otherworld soundtrack. Let’s take a look at Terraria Journey’s End Secret Seed.

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Terraria 1.4 Secret Seed World

  • Seed: 05162020

Players figured out that if you enter the seed as the Journey’s End release date, you’ll get an interesting world generation. The seed was actually first seen back in April on Andrew Spinks’ Twitter account.

To enter the seed and experience the world, manually enter “05162020” into the seed field when you go to generate your world. It can be on Journey mode if you like.

In this seed, things aren’t how they normally are and you will notice this as the load worlds and you see the numbers. You can also notice the smiley face moon in the background. Players start with a Party Girl instead of a Guide, and there’s a special song. Instead of the Terraria soundtrack, the Otherworld soundtrack plays.

This seed also gets you a Crimson/Corruption world, according to Reddit. This means you can encounter both evils of the world with Corruption on the right and Crimson on the left. As you run through the map, you will come to a chest under a huge tree. Inside here, you might find Moon Lord legs. Other chests include Dead Man’s Sweater and Red’s Potions.

There are plenty of other things to explore in this Easter Egg world. Here’s a full list of everything we uncovered in the Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Secret Seed World so far.

  • Loading screen numbers are scrambled into random orders
  • Party girl instead of the guide
  • Otherworld soundtrack instead of Terraria
    • The soundtrack can be switched at Party Girl
  • Both Crimson and Corruption evils of the world
  • A long tunnel in the left ocean with some chests, with Shark Pup
  • Right beach tunnel leads to the underground dungeon entrance
  • Other dungeon entrance is through the tree nearest to the right beach
  • Floating snowy island to the right side
  • Underworld is an ocean made of lava
  • Exiting the world makes the main menu look scrambled
  • Chests include Moon Lord’s Legs
    • 3 Defense, slightly increased mobility, “These might be Steve’s”

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